How to get rid of a cat's smell

How to get rid of a cat's smell

Our favourite pets of a cat, this sea of a positive and emotions. However together with the joy of a cat, we receive a bouquet of the most unpleasant smells in a set. The situation is especially critical if the cat lives in the apartment.

Cats very characteristic animals with the ponimaniye and features. Some manage to be accustomed to "pot" and rules of personal hygiene, and some it is simple in any. The second type of cats, is capable to spoil the atmosphere in the apartment to an awful state. A smell of cat's excrements very resistant, not pleasant and hardly removed. It is important to get rid of the centers of its distribution quickly because later just it is necessary to change floors and wall-paper.

Get rid in actual fact of a cat's smell it can be extremely difficult. For this purpose many chemical means were thought up, however all of us understand as far as their use harms us and our housing. There is several advice on which will help to get rid of troubles. However you remember that it is possible to get rid of a smell, and here the cat needs to be re-educated. Otherwise you will live and to sleep with a rag in hands.1.   The first method is based on use of whiteness. This means practically eats away smells of their surfaces. Besides, cats do not love a characteristic smell of whiteness and will hardly covet the second time into place processed by it. The lack of this method is that the whiteness smells not better than cat's excrements; processing needs to be carried out in a mask and gloves. 2.   The second method advises to use sal ammoniac. If your pet likes to find secluded places for the shady business, then it is worth closing them for him. For this purpose take cotton wool, roll from it balls with a diameter of 2-3 centimeters. Then impregnate cotton balls nashatyryom and spread out them on apartment corners. It will help to frighten off a cat from apartment back streets, and will save a situation.3 a little.   The third method, suggests to get rid of a cat's smell by means of vinegar. The "struck" surfaces need to be processed acetic solution. Such procedure will kill an unpleasant smell. Plus vinegar is in that, as he quickly disappears, without leaving behind anything. If the cat "spoiled" carpet surfaces, then they can try to be cleaned in a dry-cleaner. With clothes and footwear it is worth arriving also. As for floors then the situation becomes complicated. If the cat long and persistently goes to one place on the affairs, then began to smell it will be difficult to neutralize. It is the best of all to remove a part of a covering of a floor. To avoid all these tests and problems, it is better to accustom a cat from small to a pot and rules of conduct in the house.

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