How to prepare the kitchen garden before trip to holiday

How to prepare the kitchen garden before trip to holiday

Your kitchen garden can experience your absence even in summertime. But you for this purpose need to take careful safety precautions that at return to find your beds in fair condition.

1. Approximately in 2 weeks prior to departure to holiday, stop:

- all crops of plants: they will demand leaving which you because of departure will not be able to provide them;

- all landings of plants, for the same reason;

- all fertilizing: it is not necessary to feed plants when they receive less water and leaving.

2. If you want to find the kitchen garden in good condition after the holiday:

- weed kitchen garden to eliminate competitors to your cultural plants;

- you porykhlit the surface of the soil to break crust and to promote the best penetration of water;

 - to zamulchiruyta thicker what normally layer the earth that evaporation of water was less.

3. One week prior to departure, examine all the garden plants:

- remove all damaged leaves;

- whether check plants are ill and if necessary provide them treatment;

- carefully examine plants of tomato and if necessary execute: pasynkovaniye, removal of the lower leaves, garter to strong support;

- execute cutting of lashes of squash, pumpkins and cucumbers (forming);

- you prishchipnit coriander and basil to prevent their blossoming;

- in case of need, improvise the system of shadowing to protect your vegetables from the hot sun.

4. Reap all crop before departure:

- eggplants, squash, green beans, watermelons, tomatoes, you can freeze, for example;

- cucumbers and salads need to be eaten at once or to give to neighbors;

- beet and turnip are stored long, you can keep them in the fridge until you return;

- fennel, tarragon, chervil and parsley, it is possible to freeze or dry up;

Some vegetables can quietly wait for your arrival: garlic, carrots, celery, pumpkin, onions shallot, cabbage, onions, bitter pepper and potatoes

5. The most important to provide the system of watering of beds. 

If you go to short-term holiday, up to 7 days, then enough on the eve of departure will be strong to spill plants and to drive at each plant perforated plastic large bottle with water. If holiday is long, then the automatic system of watering or the help of neighbors is necessary.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team