How to grow up an ideal dog

How to grow up an ideal dog

So, in your house there was a small barking wool lump. It for the present has no powerful paws or strong jaws, but the behavior foundation already begins to be laid. Therefore if at early age to neglect education of a puppy, further life with a dog will turn into hell.


1. It is necessary to accustom a dog to an order. For feeding and walks special time has to be allowed. The dog has to get used to submit to a certain schedule. Otherwise the dog will grow extremely whimsical.

2. It is impossible to encourage a puppy at all if that bites for legs or growls. Yes, from outside it looks as an innocent children's game, but be sure, in a year it will take roots in a habit and before you instead of a little fluffy the big spiteful dog who will use the teeth at any time will appear if something is not pleasant to it.

3. Never punish a dog physically. Yes, everything is correct, it is impossible to beat for the gnawed slipper at all. Because dogs remember everything. And once the slaughtered doggie will prove in all beauty. Then already owners should hide on corners.

4. It is impossible to encourage for offenses too, it will develop at it false understanding that it is good and that it is bad. It is already almost impossible to re-educate an adult dog, even by means of the instructor.

5. The dog needs own stove bench. It should not share a bed with the owner. In fact, it means that the person puts a dog on the second place after himself. Therefore the animal can begin to treat all other inhabitants scornfully, to be exact, simply to ignore.

6. It is impossible to allow to show aggression in relation to other animals. Especially on walk. This rule has to save not only a dog from mutilations in a fight, but also the owner from problems. If the doggie small, then a problem is solved easily, it can just be carried away. And here to master a big furious dog who is ready for a showdown rather difficult.

7. It is impossible to allow to be played with the things. If as a toy old boots and trousers were allocated to a puppy, then being an adult he by all means will embellish the owner's clothes traces of the teeth and claws. And he will not understand what it is abused for, its toys in the childhood differed in nothing from what lies on the shelf of a case.

8. Remember that the puppy needs your care and never forget about education of the favourite.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team