How to make a whistle for dogs

How to make a whistle for dogs

For communication with the favourite pet make a silent dog whistle. Dogs, unlike people, are capable to catch sounds of the highest range. A silent whistle – a great way of communication. It is ideal for control over a dog at distance. Make a dog whistle with own hands.


1. The small branch of a willow will serve as a basis for future dog whistle made with own hands. Cut off a branch about 25 cm long. Pick up a branch a little more thickly than the thumb.

2. Cut off one end of future dog whistle at an angle in 45 degrees. Cut off a sharp part of the turned-out corner because you will put this end in a mouth for whistle.

3. In order that the whistle in house conditions turned out ideal, do a sharp knife a small hole from above of a whistle. Later cut out other party of an opening at a small angle. The opening small, if desired, it can be increased. The small opening is necessary in order that whistle was more sonorous.

4. Remove bark from a willow branch. For this purpose recede from the region to which you will blow, about 10 cm and cut through bark on a straight line. Then cut it on diameter of a branch. Having made a notch, begin to beat branch bark with the back of a knife. From blows bark has to be weakened then it can be removed quite easily. You watch that bark seriously was not damaged, did not tear or did not crack. Do not throw out it, it still is useful to you.

5. Cut out a flute on the part of future whistle made with own hands, which was left without bark. Make a flute deeper – your whistle will be deeper too. Only be not overzealous because to the former sizes to return it it will not turn out. In bark over a flute make a small notch.

6. Wet water that part of the whistle made with own hands, which without bark. Accurately take bark which you removed from this branch of a willow in a hand, and put on it back as it was originally there. The whistle for the four-footed favourite is ready. Enjoy communication with the favourite dog!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team