How to make an aquarium for turtles

How to make an aquarium for turtles

Buying turtles, it is necessary to remember that these remains in a year can already reach 30 centimeters. Not to spend money twice, it is better to take care of the aquarium suitable for them at once (it is desirable that the volume of an aquarium was from 100 liters and more). But, even if you bought a spacious aquarium, it will become suitable for life of your pets not at once. In the beginning over it it is necessary to work.

It is required to you

  • Glass aquarium, or aquarium from non-toxic plastic, a piece of glass or plastic for production of the coast, large stones and shells, the glow lamp, an ultra-violet lamp, the heater.


1. Your turtle needs the place where she will be able to get warm in the sun (in your option – under a lamp). For production of such bank take a piece of glass or non-toxic plastic and arrange it under the glow lamp. The coast has to be under an inclination that it was more convenient to turtle to get. The distance from the coast to a side of an aquarium has to be not less than 30 cm, otherwise your animal can run away. It is possible to decorate such coast with pebbles, or snags.

2. Soil for aquarian turtles is not obligatory, but often it is pleasant to aquarians as performs decorative function. Do not take small soil, sand, pebble at all – they cause impassability of intestines in turtles. Also plastic or glass pebbles will not approach – your favourites will get to the core of them. Put large stones on a bottom, it is more than head of a turtle, and shell. Besides the esthetic function, shells will saturate water with calcium.

3. Attach to an aquarium for your turtles the glow lamp and an ultra-violet lamp. Temperature under the glow lamp has to be 29-31 degrees. It is necessary to include such lamps at 10-12 o'clock every day.

4. The last stroke – the water heater. Do not regret money for the good brand as there were cases when korotit cheap heaters, and turtles perished. That the turtle did not become interested in this device, it can be placed under the decorative island, the lock, or just to fence off stones.

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