How to sell puppies quickly

How to sell puppies quickly

Your favourite dog brought you as a gift a bouquet of the small peeping lumps? You should not play for time, the earlier you will begin to attach posterity, the it is more than nerves and forces to you it will be possible to keep.


1. It is possible to think of the new house for puppies already during pregnancy of a dog. If you have a planned knitting, and you wait for birth of future champions, then it is necessary to address to local club of dog breeding where will in detail explain to you what needs to be done at once.

2. Ring round friends and acquaintances, it is possible that someone dreams to buy to himself a puppy long ago.

3. After puppies were born, it is possible to estimate all volume of the forthcoming work. If their two-three, then particular problems with sale is not, and here if more than five, then it is necessary as soon as possible to begin to prepare for search of the new house for kids.

4. First of all advertize in the newspaper. Specify breed of puppies, age, a color, existence of dogs and a bough. Future owners can begin to show kids from three-week age.

5. Go online. Today there is a set of the websites which publish announcements of sale of puppies, it is also possible to look for forums where dog breeders communicate - in them also there is always a section ""Sale of Puppies"".

6. If you are an owner of an elite dog, then it is possible to make own website where there will be information on breed, your dog and also the planned knittings and puppies.

7. If your dog has no documents or carries the proud name ""dvorteryer"", then the mechanism of action will be the same: ring round acquaintances, advertize in the newspaper and on the Internet. You approach a task with humour, even the most not nice mongrel can be sold if the announcement is lovely and amusing.

8. To owners of large dogs it will be simpler as many people take themselves puppies in the yard in order that they protected further the house. If your dog treats such breeds, then it is possible to specify in the announcement at once that dogs will be large and perfectly will be suitable for guard service.

9. Quickly to sell one more option puppies - to go on poultry market which is practically in each city. Put the kids in a beautiful basket, take disposable diapers, a forage and water for puppies. It will be excellent if your dogs are previously imparted and have pet passports with all marks.

10. Point reasonable price to the puppies, be ready to bargain, you see, that money is of secondary importance, the main thing that your kids found to themselves good owners and the cozy house!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team