How to support a hamster of the flavourless house

How to support a hamster of the flavourless house

Hamsters are amusing animals both for children, and for adults. But many do not bring them because of an unpleasant smell from a cage. And those who got this lovely small animal try to get rid of a smell frequent cleaning and chemical detergents. The problem of smells can be solved if it is correct to support these fluffy animals.

Hamster - it a rodent, so the cage for it has to be iron or plastic. On sale cages meet with iron rods and a plastic pallet or completely plastic closed terrariums more often. Here the choice depends on you: through rods filler and a forage can pour, and plastic can darken and look it will not esthetically.

In a cage there have to be a feeding trough, a drinking bowl and a wheel. Hamsters learn to drink water from a special drinking bowl, they have an excellent scent on water. The wheel is necessary for hamsters for support of in shape because these animals are quite active.

The laying in a cage can be different: large sawdust, the pressed granules of sawdust, corn granules. Never you lay the newspaper, office paper or vatu. Depends on a laying how often it is necessary to remove a cage. It is recommended to change a laying in process of pollution. One-two in a week to clean the place for a toilet. You will notice this corner at once because hamsters clean and go only to one place. Having cleaned this town, to fill there old filler from a pallet and to add to a cell of fresh filler. To change at once all do not advise because hamsters very sharply react to filler change and begin to allocate a specific smell for a territory tag.

There is even more convenient way - it is to put in a corner a special toilet for small rodents. They can be found in any pet-shop. Within a week observe where your pet goes, and at the following cleaning put an angular toilet back of excrements, fill a little already used filler for a smell. The toilet is easily taken out from a cage and washed out in flowing warm water. Not to use detergents, otherwise your hamster will cease to go to a certain corner and will find other place for a toilet.

It is necessary to clean the vacation spot of a hamster also once a week. It is their lodge, a native corner for storage of stocks. When cleaning a lodge it is necessary to pull out only such stocks which quickly spoil (fresh fruit, vegetables; pieces of cottage cheese, meat and bread). If you feed with exclusively dry balanced feeds, then it is better to remove even less often in process of emergence of an unpleasant smell from a lodge.

The cage needs to be washed periodically too. At this time we replace a hamster to the suitable place and a half old filler. After washing a cage to dry up, fill fresh filler mixed up with old. To replace a hamster back and to observe how the little owner will bring the order there.

As you see, flavourless is not difficult to keep a hamster clean and at all. The more often you will wash and clean after rodents, the stronger they will smell. I wish pleasant communication with your pets.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team