How to teach a horse to a dressage

How to teach a horse to a dressage

Dressage – one of types of classical equestrian sport, mentions of which met in Ancient Greece. But the dressage in a modern look arose in 1532 when Frederiko Grizone founded the first academy of equestrian sport and began to train horses in difficult and spectacular movements. This sport quickly became popular among the nobility. And since 1912 the dressage is the Olympic sport.


1. The main task of a dressage is to teach a horse to move as it is possible more gracefully. And a main objective – improvement of natural movements of a horse and his characteristics. Well prepared horse perfectly moves, keeps balance and does everything kind of at own will. But that to reach it, she has to react to all teams of the rider quickly.

2. If you decided to be engaged in a dressage, then have to have self-discipline, first of all, and also seek to improve own skills in riding and to be ready to training.

3. Levers on a horse are an occasion, shenkel and corps of the rider. Classical landing of the equestrian is elegant and convenient for management of a horse. For determination of correctness of landing draw in imagination a line from the ear through a shoulder and a hip to a boot heel. If such line does not manage to be drawn, your landing will not give a balanced and steady position in a saddle.

4. Constantly you monitor the landing. For this purpose each two-three minutes recheck yourself: whether correctly lie and hands work shenkelya whether the neck and a back are enslaved, whether at the place. You bring self-examination to automatism.

5. Begin work with a young horse without spurs. After a while put on garkrota or spherical spurs. You pass to repeyka carefully. Use constant spurs in work with a horse.

6. Start trainings of a young horse from departures on a bridle with trenzelny iron, passing gradually to a mundshtuchny ogolovyyu. You should not hurry with transition. What longer you will use trenzely, that achieve the best results then.

7. From the very beginning of work with a horse you watch a rhythm - a basis of bases of a dressage. For this purpose it is necessary to choose the correct rhythm at the moment when the horse goes it is liberated, with the hung head, and then to keep its all the time, irrespective of a type of a pace.

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