How to teach to protect a dog

How to teach to protect a dog

Any trainer knows that to a dog, also as well as to the person, individual approach is necessary. Each breed has features, and not any dog gives in to training. But nevertheless it is necessary to train an animal, at least in order that the dog was operated, and you could be sure that she will not violate your team, will not cause inconveniences to other people. The special attention and work of the trainer are demanded by security dogs.

It is required to you

  • - the protected thing;
  • - rope.


1. It is possible to teach a dog to protect the person, the house or things which are simply left by you. The last is extremely useful in life. Before teaching a dog to protect, remember that training is the system of rules and encouragement. If you undertook to train a dog, then it is necessary to do it systematically, but not when you will have time and desire. Begin trainings with a puppy at the age of 3-5 months.

2. Teach her not to trust strangers. Ask to help someone from the acquaintances whom the dog does not know. Make sure that the dog is quiet also mood at her good, otherwise she can begin ""to be capricious"".

3. Put a thing which it needs to protect before an animal. The dog has to be on a leash, but so that could reach a subject rather freely to move. Order: "To protect!"

4. Your acquaintance has to pass by a dog at first at small distance. You monitor reaction of an animal. If it too rough, then seat and calm a dog. Again order: "To protect!"

5. Next time your acquaintance has to try to take away a thing which the dog protects, and you once again repeat at this time team for a dog. If it is required, make it several times in a row.

6. The dog has to understand that you want from her. And when she will begin to protect a thing, your friend has to escape, thereby showing that the dog coped with the task. Praise and encourage the dog that he knew that he made everything correctly. There are situations when the dog can react to the stranger, but refuses to protect a thing. In that case try to alter a task.

7. Tie a rope about one meter long to the protected subject. And after the dog will rush with bark on your assistant, it has to pull for a rope that the subject moved a little. Not strongly. The moving subject usually draws attention of a dog. If your dog makes attempt to stop this thing, then you have to encourage and encourage him until it does not return a thing to itself(himself) finally.

8. Repeat this maneuver several times, yet you will not achieve result where the dog will growl at once on the person who will only stretch to protected by her by a thing. Do not forget to praise the dog. Your approval is very important for it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team