How to treat a parrot for cold

How to treat a parrot for cold

Cold (rhinitis) at budgerigars happens often. It can be not only a consequence of inadequate care for a birdie, but also a symptom of a terrible infection. Anyway, at treatment of a parrot implement all recommendations of the doctor.


1. Attentively examine a birdie. At a healthy parrot of a nostril have to be absolutely dry, it is good to be looked through, not to have any imposings. The birdie should not snuffle and furthermore to sneeze. If at least one of these conditions is broken, then address the veterinarian or the ornithologist for consultation and treatment.

2. You do not treat a parrot independently. Do not give him medicine which you take. You remember: cold can have various etiology. It is possible that you supported a birdie on a draft or indoors with a temperature below room. The bacterial or viral infection also can lead to inflammation of mucous. It is possible that breath of a parrot complicates also some foreign matter (for example, dust) which got into nostrils because of too dry air.

3. If cold at a parrot developed because of drafts or cold, during treatment (and after it, in order to avoid a recurrence) surely install the heater near a cage. Also the desk lamp put near a cage will approach (but so that light did not blind a birdie). If, on the contrary, indoors too dry air, buy a humidifier or place about the room several bowls with water.

4. Make in 200 ml of water 2 of a teaspoon of the dried-up camomile, filter broth. Pour it in a drinking bowl instead of water. Instead of a camomile it is possible to use a dogrose or honey. You watch that in a drinking bowl there was always fresh water, and change water in which drugs, or broths were divorced on 3-4 times a day.

5. Dissolve the vitamins intended for parrots at the rate of 9 drops on 100 ml of water and pour this water in a drinking bowl. Add vitamins at the rate of 4 drops on the 2nd teaspoons to a grain forage, later mix. Give to a parrot vitamins B a current of 10 days, later take a monthly break and renew a 10-day course.

6. If your birdie got sick with a viral or bacterial infection, carry out all medical prescriptions. Usually doctors write out antibiotics and vitamins. Antibiotics give on 1 drop in a nose and 5 drops in a beak 2 times a day during all course. That as a result of such treatment the liver of the little patient did not suffer, crumb 1 tablet of a karsil and mix with a day portion of a forage.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team