What nuts it is possible for hamsters

What nuts it is possible for hamsters

Hamsters belong to a subfamily of rodents therefore many have an impression that it is unpretentious animals. Actually, it is necessary to watch their food carefully. It is especially important to adhere strictly to a nut diet and know what nuts are contraindicated to hamsters.

Nuts can be dangerous to hamsters

Nuts contain vegetable protein, the whole list of vitamins, mineral substances, useful oils. Many vegetable fruits differ in pleasant, sweetish taste which is pleasant not only to people, but also some animals.

Hamsters are big fans of nuts. They are ready to eat them for days on end, however often it is impossible to feed shaggy pets with nuts. And some fruits can lead to a lethal outcome of rodents at all.


Walnuts contain a large amount of protein and other nutrients. It does it by an irreplaceable power source not only for people, but also for pets. Hamsters can give walnuts. Especially they are useful to pregnant females. However it is important not to be overzealous. The whole walnut hamsters cannot be offered. It needs to be cleaned and divided into 10 equal parts. One part a day, is no more – such is norm for the fluffy kid.


Any hamster will never refuse a filbert. They very much love this nut, but because of the fat content of a fruit it is necessary to give it in moderate quantity. The Syrian hamsters have enough half of a filbert, the Dzungarian rodents will have enough also a quarter. It is recommended to offer such delicacy not more often than 3 times a week.


Roasted or salty peanuts – a forbidden fruit for hamsters. And here fresh nut will bring to a rodent benefit if to give on a half of peanut 2 times a week.

Peanut oil and paste will lead of the pet to death.


As a part of cashew vitamin E contains. It preserves hamsters against baldness. Also the fruit is famous for anti-inflammatory, antibacterial properties. A nut floor a day 2 times a week – norm for a hamster.

Pine nuts

3 chishchenny pine nuts a week. Such is norm for the Syrian hamsters. It is authorized to Dzungarian fellows to give half less.


The advantage of pistachios for hamsters is officially not proved, and here harm is obvious. Therefore it is not recommended to give these nuts to pets. They can do it irreparable harm.


Forbidden delicacy for hamsters – almonds. This nut contains the hydrocianic acid poisonous for rodents. Plum, apricot, peach stones are not less dangerous. They are capable to kill the pet.

Whatever nut was offered a hamster, it has to be shelled. It is difficult to fluffy pet to clean a fruit independently. Even if at it it will turn out, the shell can damage mucous a mouth of a rodent.

If to observe above-mentioned recommendations, sometimes treating a hamster with nuts, useful to it, it will please owners with the activity and cheerful temper.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team