Where to give an animal from a nature corner

Where to give an animal from a nature corner

Suddenly arisen need to liquidate a nature corner requires a fast solution of the problem of a pristroystvo of animals. Despite the elimination reasons, the management of establishment usually puts short deadlines of execution, at the same time thinking of the future of small animals a little. But it is worth giving animals from a nature corner it is considered.


1. If it is about elimination of a nature corner in child care facility, then there is one simplest and logical option of a pristroystvo of animals - it is possible to try to offer their parents pupils/pupils as pets. From a large number of people whose children visit this institution for certain there will be several persons interested to take the responsibility for the future of immigrants.

2. There are also other ways of the device of animals. The most widespread of them - submission of the announcement in the newspaper or placement it on the websites on the Internet. Do not try to get any profit on sale of animals or cages, especially if it is about the pets who are not of special value. Only the announcement of donation of small animals will allow to achieve progress as soon as possible.

3. Together with the former members of a nature corner offer potential owners the remains of a forage and the stock necessary for keeping of an animal. It can become an additional incentive for future owner. If valuable animals, for example the speaking parrot of a rare species or exotic small fishes lived in a nature corner, then be not too lazy and find the corresponding manufacturer. Perhaps, it will help you with improvement of valuable animals or will even take them to itself(himself).

4. Perhaps, you have many friends, and there is an opportunity to give small animals in their reliable charge. Children in any family will be glad to the new pet, and you will not worry about animals if potential owners are well familiar to you. The greatest advantage of such improvement the fact that you at any time can visit small animals or just call by phone and learn about a condition of the former inhabitants of a nature corner.

5. If you though know something about these animals, offer your friends assistance in their contents, help a practical advice about with what it is better to feed small animals as to look after them. At the psychological level it is very important, the pet is first of all heavy responsibility for this reason many hesitate to take themselves the pet.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team