Why at cats eyes shine

Why at cats eyes shine

Cats are wonderful hunters and fantastically beautiful pets. Many, probably, paid more than once attention that at cats eyes in the dark glow. Why it occurs also what in these animals of such unusual?

As well as the majority of other predators, the cat gives preference to night hunting. Thanks to delicate ear, sense of smell, sight, and also absolutely silent gait, the animal surely moves even in the most dark room. The slightest foreign sound, and here in one jump the cat successfully overtakes the production.

The good sight allows to see in the dark to an animal. In the afternoon pupils of cats are narrowed so that turn into very narrow shchelochka. With nightfall they extend and absorb even the most weak stream of light. At night pupils of cats can reach up to 14 millimeters, and even it is more. Eyes of a cat, as well as at the person, are directed forward that allows it to focus both eyes on some certain subject, and with the slightest accuracy to calculate distance to it. Therefore for a cat several seconds sometimes are enough to make a jump and to catch the stood gaping production. Those spaces which the animal sees both eyes are blocked for 45% in front that allows to see the same subject at the same time two eyes. If in the dark to direct to a cat light from a manual small lamp, then it is possible to see how her eyes begin to shine. This results from the fact that the back surface of all eyeball at a cat is covered with the special substance which is bearing a faint resemblance to the polished silver. It reflects any ray of light getting approximately an animal. The reflected light is not scattered around, and is returned to a point of the beginning. Unlike the person, the cat sees the whole world pale and gray. She cannot distinguish colors because many of them are simply not available to cat's sight. For example, the red shade for cats does not exist at all. However it does not bring inconveniences at all to fluffy "cats" as their main production are mice and birds, and that and in itself gray coloring.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team