Yorkshire terrier: features of character and behavior

Yorkshire terrier: features of character and behavior

Today the Yorkshire terrier is one of the most widespread and enough expensive decorative breeds of dog. The character at a Yorkshire terrier very difficult, and sometimes this small, fragile creation with gentle wool can behave is rather unpredictable and is aggressive.

Yorkshire terrier – relatively young breed of dog which appeared in England in the middle of the XIX century. Now, looking at the baby Yorkshire terrier, it is very difficult to believe that one and a half centuries ago this dog fearlessly destroyed rats on streets of the British cities.

Features of character

Each Yorkshire terrier can have the character and especially individual attitude towards owners, strangers and other animals. The majority of kobelk of this breed at puppyish age are rather pugnacious, extremely active, besides have quality, quite rare for decorative dogs, – they jealously protect the territory from any external invasion.

Representatives of an opposite sex, on the contrary, are very gentle, literally from the first days very firmly become attached to the new owner and constantly look for at it protection against anyone. Sometimes in behavior of dogs of breed a Yorkshire terrier there are also some kind of anomalies – the girl can furiously rush on each passer, and the boy to hide under a sofa at the slightest danger. It is not dependent on features of character, experts recommend to bring up Yorkshire terriers according to the identical scheme. This breed is very bright also all shortcomings of behavior which took place at puppyish age it is possible to correct completely over time.

Features of behavior

The most widespread problem which owners of Yorkshire terriers face is the animal habit to constantly mark the territory. Proceeding from it, dog handlers recommend to accustom from the earliest age a dog to "place". This recommendation for owners of those dogs who seldom are on the street is especially relevant and all the "things" got used to be done on a special tray. If to treat this problem carelessly, unpleasant "gifts" in the form of puddles or small groups, can appear in various places of the apartment or the house. Owners of boys Yorkshire terriers face one more behavioural problem, as a rule. The fact is that kobelk very inadequately behave if somewhere in the district the girl, ready to pairing, suddenly appears. Very often dogs literally lose the head and run away from the owner. However, in the period of the girl's techka can bring a lot of trouble as become very aggressive in this state, nervous too, constantly look for the partner. In order that there was no unforeseen pregnancy, during walking in the period of a techka it is necessary to put a special suit on the girl.

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