What parrot it is the best of all to buy

What parrot it is the best of all to buy

Before choosing breed of a parrot, it is necessary to learn about features of its maintenance and education. Also it will be required to estimate correctly the opportunities as the bird will need to pay enough attention.


1. The best choice for that who have no experience of maintenance ptitsv this case is recommended to pay attention to budgerigars. These are small birds with appeasable temper, care for whom is easy. Communication with them will deliver to the owner a lot of pleasure. Budgerigars quickly get used to the new owner and easily give in to training.

2. These birds of the small size, their length seldom exceeds 20 cm, the color can be a miscellaneous, but always incredibly attractive. Plumage of these parrots most often bright green with impregnations of various shades. But they can also be white, yellow and turquoise. Budgerigars are very obedient, and having taken off from a cage, after walk always come back to it.

3. One more good option for beginners is to get a korell. These birds are larger than budgerigars, but not much more: in length they reach 30 cm (from a beak tip to a tail tip). Korella are unpretentious and differ in tender kind character. These parrots on the head have a cop which very much decorates a bird.

4. If to try, it is possible to teach a korell to imitate the human speech. They pretty fast study to repeat not only short words, but also simple phrases. Korella are able to imitate sounds by nature. The owner of this bird will soon notice that his pet imitates a call of the alarm clock or mobile phone.

5. The best choice for the skilled fan popugayevv this case is recommended to get the pet from the famous manufacturer. It is possible to buy large birds: Amazon, Aleksandriytsa, Ara. They require to themselves special attention and skills in communication with parrots. All of them have sharp mind, are able to imitate well the speech and on character are very capricious.

6. For the inexperienced poultry breeder the keeping of such parrot can pour out in some household problems, for example, because of his excessive "garrulity" or aspiration to do everything counter to the owner. In this case both the person, and a bird are tired of such communication. Large parrots are famous for special beauty of the feathers. These are bright, peculiar and very bright birds.

7. Despite some difficulties of the contents, they will give a lot of pleasure from communication with them. That the pet normally developed and was not depressed, he will need daily and not short-term attention of the owner. The cage needs to be equipped so that in the absence of the owner the bird could entertain herself.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team