3 widespread myths about cellulitis

3 widespread myths about cellulitis

How many legends are already put in the world about "great and mighty cellulitis". And, if to unite them all together, will hardly be the truths at least on one printing leaf. What is cellulitis actually? What nature of its origin and what means can resist to it?

The terrible word "cellulitis" call local increase in "lazy" fat cages, they soak up toxins, excess liquid and other mucks. Also get fat, get fat, turning into those hillocks which are ugly sticking out on skin. If you have decided to fight against them, to know the enemy closer well, and it is better — in face.

3 myths about cellulitis which very long time ago are time for dispelling:

1. It is disease

Cellulitis — the cosmetic defect connected with condition of hypodermic fat deposits. The problem arises in connection with features fat and limfoobmena and also blood circulations on these parts of the body. Cellulitis — at all nanosecond disease, and physiological norm. In principle the first stage of "orange-peel" — quite natural phenomenon.

2. He is only at full

There is no direct dependence between cellulitis and excess weight or age. Cellulitis occurs also in young slender girls. Statistically, about 70% of representatives weak floor have "orange-peel", and in this group there are women of different age and weight. Reasons of appearance of cellulitis: improper feeding, inactive way of life, change of hormonal background, stresses, smoking, alcohol, hereditary predisposition, etc.

3. It is usual fat

Cellulitis — not just fat layer, but its modified form. Unlike usual fat it cannot be eliminated only by means of low-calorie diet. Complex measures are necessary. From the most available — cosmetics and house analogs of saloon procedures.

How to struggle with cellulitis in house conditions

1. Obvertyvaniya 

This procedure can be done and at home, be only careful, it is contraindicated to you if you have diseases of veins or tendency to varicosity. Before the procedure of wrapping previously warm body in hot bathtub or sauna. Then start clarification of skin by means of srub on gel or salt basis. Further, having rubbed off by towel, apply active mask on problem zones. For its preparation it is possible to use brown seaweed, sea dirt or clay. Having applied mask on buttocks or hips, wrap body food wrap. Then muffle in warm blanket or plaid — it is necessary for achievement of greenhouse effect. In such state it is necessary to stay 30-40 minutes. After removal of film take shower and wash away mask. Apply anti-cellulite cream on body.

2. Anti-cellulite means

In complex therapy of cellulitis not to do without special cosmetics in any way. The components improving microcirculation (menthol, camphor, nicotinic acid, extracts of plants) strengthening vessels (extracts horse chestnut, butcher's broom acanthceous) and influencing fatty tissue (caffeine, extracts of rich yod of seaweed) enter anti-cellulite means. Cosmetics struggling with cellulitis is especially effective at its early stage.

If to put such means before sports, positive changes will not keep themselves waiting long.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team