5 secrets of beauty from Nicole Kidman

5 secrets of beauty from Nicole Kidman

red-haired Hollywood star, model and the actress Nichole Kidman in 45 years looks as the young girl. She does not keep to diet and is not engaged in gym. But by means of own secrets of beauty remains in ideal form.

It is required to you

  • - skin care products;
  • - autosuntan;
  • - champagne or cranberry juice;
  • - quality food;
  • - water;
  • - lip gloss;
  • - blush;
  • - pencil for eyes;
  • - shadows.


  1. Nichole Kidman is sure that youth directly depends on skin color. She denies suntan in any its manifestation, but does exception for creams autosuntan. The movie star was born in Hawaii, in one of the most solar places of the planet, and knows what is skin cancer, not by hearsay. The actress believes that the means containing sun-protection SPF filters should be used daily, even in the winter. Twice a week use face scrub, from dark circles under eyes the massage will help, and for hands it is worth using the moisturizing anti-aging cream. Look after decollete zone, it needs to be humidified too.
  2. Use as much as possible clear water, register to the pool. Daily swimming within 30 minutes will help to remain with tone long time.
  3. Apply 1/2 cups of natural cranberry juice on hair after washing of the head and wait 5-8 hours. Wash away. If color of your hair light, you can replace juice with champagne.
  4. Support the weight by means of natural products. Enemies of health and beauty - pesticides. Do not include fat food in diet. Get acquainted with farmers, residents of villages and villages, agree that you will buy meat and vegetables from them.
  5. Use cosmetics minimum. It is enough to allocate cheekbones by means of blush, to make accurate bend of eyebrows, to put golden shadows that the person looked more brightly. Emphasize contour of lips with pencil, cause gloss of light shade. It will create effect of moist lips.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team