All about Natalya Malakhova's diet

All about Natalya Malakhova's diet

The people wishing to lose weight use for this purpose different methods, the innovation and checked by time and experience. Recently more and more popular is Malakhova's diet.

Wide circulation and efficiency of this diet are explained by the fact that diets are the cornerstone the principles of usual heat exchange. That is it is the simple rules helping to take from food maximum of useful energy which is not postponed in the form of fat on sides and it is completely used by organism for activity maintenance.

Diets are the cornerstone the simple principles of products according to which it is necessary not only to choose products correctly, but also it is correct to combine. Besides, the important value has the sequence of the use of all products. It is desirable to include carbohydrates and cellulose in diet in the morning, in the afternoon it can be carbohydrates, proteins and fats, and in the evening – only proteins.

As for usefulness of products, Malakhova's diet does not differ in special innovations: you should not be fond strongly of greasy food, it is better to lower farinaceous food and sweet to minimum, to put emphasis on fruit, cereals, vegetables and fermented milk products with low fat content. The diet can be added with dried fruits, nuts, sunflower seeds, it is desirable to include seafood. According to diet, it is impossible to combine carbohydrates with the products containing large amount of protein; or carbohydrates with high-fat products. First such food will be unusual and to some extent uncomfortable. However if gradually to accustom organism to the correct consumption of the energy which is contained in products over time it will yield results in the form of beautiful figure and strong muscles.

Rules to which it is worth adhering are quite simple in understanding and execution. First, carefully to chew food and to use small portions. It is better to divide day diet into the bigger number of meals (at least 4-5), is often, but it is not enough. Secondly, to drink a lot of water, to 2 liters a day. Day to begin with glass of plain water and on one to drink for half an hour to food. Thirdly, there are as much as possible crude fruit and vegetables – they are the best source of cellulose. This diet promotes not only clarification of organism and weight reduction, but also improvement of all bodies in general. The cleaned vessels will stop being problem of headaches and elevated pressure. The skin filled with moisture will look several flyings younger. It is necessary to understand that this diet is not single process which can be carried out and then again to return to other food. It has to become the special rule and way of life constantly to support comfortable functioning of all organism and to be harmonious.

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