As do intimate female hairstyles

As do intimate female hairstyles

The beginning of beach season – excellent opportunity to take care of area of bikini. However today you will surprise with deep epilation and "the Brazilian strip" nobody. For the ladies wishing to look especially extravagantly there are various intimate hairstyles and bikini design. To make to itself such unusual hairstyle, it is possible to register in salon to the expert. But quite really to do intimate hair independently.

It is required to you

  • - mirror;
  • - razor;
  • - tweezers;
  • - scissors;
  • - paper for cliche;
  • - cosmetic pencil;
  • - wax or strips for depilation;
  • - hairbrush;
  • - the means which is slowing down growth of hair;
  • - rhinestones, translated tattoos.


1. Decide what intimate hairstyle interests you. You can cut off figured strip, zigzag, heart or even logo of favourite fashion house. Begin with simple lines, and it will be in the future possible to think up option more difficult. Consider that vertical drawings extend silhouette and do hips by more graceful.

2. Before work cut hair on pubis scissors. Length varies depending on your plan. Take away hair crotch by means of the razor or wax – only then your new hairstyle will look accurately.

3. Draw on the sheet of paper cliche for future hairstyle and cut out it. Apply cliche to area of pubis and plan its contours dark cosmetic pencil. Skin has to be clean and dry – then shaving will take place without irritations, and lines of the drawing will be well visible.

4. Remove the bulk of hair with the razor or strips for depilation. Make out fine details of the drawing by means of tweezers. He will allow to create the most difficult and thin lines, besides are depilated together with root, so, do not grow longer.

5. Brush the remained hair with small thin hairbrush. Correct their length. For creation of impressive surface use thinning shears. The drawing of hairstyle is more difficult, the well there have to be hair.

6. The turned-out hairstyle can be painted hypoallergenic hair-dye. Put means according to the instruction, remove surplus from skin cotton tampon. Keep paint necessary time and wash away.

7. Take care of that the hairstyle has remained as long as possible. Apply the special means which is slowing down growth of hair on the leather processed by wax or the razor.

8. The ready hairstyle can be decorated. Attach to skin several rhinestones, artificial pearls or decorate bikini zone with translated tattoo. Rhinestones you fix on dry skin by means of special glue and tweezers.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team