As easily and quickly to remove circles under eyes

As easily and quickly to remove circles under eyes

Circles under eyes can arise at any person. Their causes are various: sleep debt, fatigue, problems with kidneys, allergies, close located vessels. But emergence of circles can be prevented or removed if the similar problem already exists.

Easy ways to remove circles under eyes

Get enough sleep. The adult in day needs to sleep 7-8 hours. That circles have passed quickly, go to bed no later than the 12th night. And in several days you will notice improvement. Not only circles under eyes will be gone, but also the general condition of organism will be much better.

Before going to bed you do not sit at the computer or the TV. Let's eyes have a rest. Walk in the fresh air better or read the book. Thanks to similar actions, circles will disappear in week.

If the problem is connected with work of kidneys, do not forget to drink not less than two liters of water a day. Also do not eat a lot of salt and greasy food. Salt detains in organism water, can be the cause of hypostases and shadows under the eyes.

The lack of vitamins affects vessels. To remove circles under eyes, do not forget to eat well. Diets and malnutritions I do not promote improvement of appearance. Use more vitamin C, it strengthens walls of vessels. Lemons, oranges, blackcurrant - natural sources of this substance.

Refuse addictions. Tobacco and alcohol promote appearance of shadows under the eyes too. Reduction of consumption of these substances in general will encourage organism.

How to remove circles under eyes by cosmetic methods

Use masks for eyes. It is possible to do them of tea bags, both black and green tea will approach. Or from vegetables. Cut cucumber rings and apply them to eyes. It is necessary to use masks 2 times a day that circles were gone. Further, for prevention, not less than 3 times a week.

Use eye cream with effect of reduction of circles under eyes. Caffeine, green tea, gilauronovy acid or manganese is part of similar means. They stimulate vessels, improve blood circulation, and it removes bruises and hypostases. Put such 1-2 once of cream a day.

Address the cosmetologist. By means of hardware massage he will remove blue under eyes for 3-4 procedures. There is it due to outflow of excess liquid from problem places.

During fight against dark stains, use tone cream for area century. They, depending on structure, remove circles too. But their main function — masking. Use it until other means work.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team