As it is correct to choose hair color to match of eyes

As it is correct to choose hair color to match of eyes

To emphasize advantages of the image, to give it bright, fresh and saturated notes, it is possible to change shade of the hair. As a result from "gray mouse" it is possible to turn into the smart woman. However it is necessary to change color of hairstyle competently, considering not only tone of skin, but also color of eyes. How to pick up hair color?

Hair color for blue eyes

To blue-eyed girls there are all light shades of hair – ashy, fair-haired, bronze and wheat. But blue color happens various brightness too. Therefore in certain cases representatives with this color of eyes suit dark shades. Besides it is at the same time necessary to consider skin color.

Girls with the golden or bronze tone of skin having red and yellow specks in irises of eyes suit all golden colors: gold chestnut, gold nut, champagne. The ladies possessing pink skin can carry ashy and light brown hair.

Shades of dark caramel and light chestnut by nature can change brown-haired women. The women having at the disposal of eye of color of centaurea and the dark blue sky and also snow-white skin, very much suit bluish-black hair color. In similar combination the sky blue color of eyes is especially noticeable.

Hair color for brown eyes

Brown eyes also happen various shades. Therefore also approach to them will be corresponding. To emphasize charms of brown eyes and to show all depth of look, it is necessary to consider all shades of brown eyes and skin. If skin suntanned or swarty, and eyes brown, it is not necessary to clarify hair. It is desirable to paint them in dark shades: chestnut, warm chocolate. The girls possessing light skin should apply red and caramel shades, milk chocolate. It will make image more juicy and interesting. In case brown eyes have light shade, it is contraindicated to dye hair in in dark colors. It is recommended to use caramel, gold, amber and reddish paints. At saturated shades of brown eyes with reddish outflow dark colors with red outflow are appropriate: contrast, burning, shades of chocolate, chestnut, eggplant, black tulip.

Hair color for green eyes

Green-eyed girls will suit courageous, bright and saturated shades red, copper and chestnut. Also can be applied reddish tone. But at all not blond. Against the background of the decoloured hair beautiful color of eyes can fade. Girls with golden skin and iris of eyes with yellow and orange specks can try to paint head of hear in very exotic colors: red, golden, red. In this case experiments will be appropriate, it is not necessary to be afraid. Eyes of rare bright grassy color are combined with the following original tones of hair: gold, chestnut, honey, reddish, average-chestnut. All these combinations will be very beautiful. At marsh color of eyes the red hair color is contraindication. But it is ideally possible to paint head of hear in chestnut-colored, chestnut and nut.

Hair color for gray eyes

Gray-eyed girls are in especially privileged position because all hair color, except black go it almost. At golden skin it is possible to use wheat, caramel, fair-haired, red, light brown and dark-chestnut. And at light skin all colors from dark-chestnut to ashy approach.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team