How to increase room space

How to increase room space

The room of the small size sets to the owners many difficult tasks: to place furniture on modest meters, to choose stylish finishing and at the same time not to lose feeling though any scope. Over it it is possible to break the head. Or to use simple rules and it is easy to solve problem.

The receptions increasing space

Visually it is quite possible to increase space of the small room. For this purpose there are several cunning receptions.

The ceiling in light tones – white, cream, bluish, is capable to increase visually room space, to make it higher. For this purpose walls should be painted in more dark shades, "bringing" them to ceiling. For example, it is possible to paint the border separating wall and ceiling in color of walls. So the room will seem above.

The floor executed in bright tones or satin finish will visually increase room space too. Choose colorful carpets, monophonic or with the small drawing, bulk brilliant covering, ceramic tile. It will add depth to space.

Vertical lines are also capable to increase space visually. It can be wall-paper in vertical strip, the flat, most facilitated architectural elements – pilasters, blades, even furniture with vertical partitionings. Mirrors – one of the best ways "deceive" of eyes and visually to expand small dimensions of the room almost twice. The mirror ceiling or flat chandelier with reflective coating will well look in the small room. Big mirrors in full human growth on wall will be able to deepen space. Also photowall-paper with the landscapes representing fields, meadows, the seashore, avenues which are taking away in distance, or wall-paper with interior prospect can perform the same function. Lighting of the room can help to expand space too. Refuse large chandelier in the center of ceiling. Distribute light on perimeter better. For this purpose perfectly LED tapes approach. They can be hidden in ceiling, wall and even floor niches. They give soft diffused light which allows to increase visually the areas and creates illusion of additional space. Multipurpose furniture and transforming furniture will help you to keep as much as possible real free meters. The main thing that this furniture well fitted into interior and was convenient in application. The choice is diverse - cabinet sofa, the built-in sliding wardrobe with mirror doors by the individual order, secretaries, bunk beds, suspended beds and so forth.

What it is worth refusing

That the small room did not seem even less, it is worth refusing some things and receptions. First of all it is heavy oar doors. It is better to replace them with compartment doors from light materials. Then refuse massive furniture and large lighting equipment. Heavy portieres with difficult design will also be inappropriate and heavy for the small room and "will eat" so valuable space. Large ornaments on wall-paper, heavy gilding do not approach the small room of wall in dark tones. It is better to choose light, pastel shades, the small drawing or monotone. It is a lot of volume decor and small accessories can make impression of dirtiness and narrowness. Therefore refuse excess parts of interior.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team