As it is correct to have a shave

As it is correct to have a shave

Shaving is one of the integral procedures for personal care at men. Some transfer it quietly, for others – shaving becomes the test leading to irritation of skin. That process of shaving was comfortable and did not bring inconvenience it is necessary to conform to several simple rules.

Choose the razor

Define what instrument of shaving suits you best of all. - Disposable razors have low cost, it is the best of all to buy them in large numbers. They can be used on 5–7 times then their edge becomes dull. Edge at these razors quite sharp therefore for people with sensitive skin it is important to observe extra care.

- Razors reckon with replaceable cartridges of edges as more durable, however their cost is much higher. Cartridges, as a rule, contain several edges that allows to shave sites of skin for the smaller number of passes that finally saves time. There are also reusable razors using ordinary edges. They are not expensive in operation since the cost of edges is not high, however have the same shortcoming, as disposable razors, edges for them are short-lived. - Electrorazors are used, as a rule, for shaving on dry skin, are good at intolerance of various shaving creams. In operation these razors are more expensive reusable cassette razors since replaceable elements to them are more expensive, than the cartridge with edges, though serve much longer.


Wash out the site of skin which you are going to shave. It will help to get rid of excessive amount of fat on skin that considerably will lower possibility of emergence of irritation and cuts. Besides, washing helps to soften hair that as a result does shaving by more comfortable. Wash only warm water, it will allow to soften follicles and to open face pores.

Shaving after shower is good idea. Skin and hair are most softened with water at this time and are pliable for shaving.

Apply cream

Apply shaving cream to wet skin, it will in addition moisten it and will soften hair. Do not try to have a shave without use of similar cream, otherwise the edge will stretch skin on your face, and shaving will take place extremely not comfortably. If you have no cream, use soap or the conditioner. Having applied cream, let's it work on skin within 1–2 minutes.

If you have a shave with the electrorazor, use special face lotion.


You hold the razor correctly so that its handle was at an angle about 30 degrees. It is not necessary to press on the razor too strongly, you do not drive it parallel to edges, it often leads to cuts, especially when the new edge is used. Try to begin shaving only in the direction of growth of hair. It is especially relevant if you had not a shave long ago. Shaving in the direction against growth of hair causes the greatest irritation of skin, do not use it if your skin often becomes covered by rash or just has set of roughnesses. Hair on different sites of the person can grow diversely. Try not to have a shave within several days that hair had time to grow, then study how they grow, and have a shave according to their direction. If you have grown long beard or mustache and want to shave them, cut off them by means of scissors and only after that start shaving.

If you use the electrorazor, the question of the direction of growth of hair is not basic. You can have a shave in any direction.

Wash and apply cream

Having stopped having a shave, rinse face with cold water. It will help to calm skin and also to reduce bleeding if cuts have appeared. Do not rub towel shaven sites of skin, it can lead to irritations. If you suffer from dryness of skin, apply on it the moisturizing cream. Do not use at the same time antiperspirants, deodorants and lotions, they can also cause irritation.

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