As it is possible to remove paint from hair

As it is possible to remove paint from hair

It is fashionable and interesting to change image. The easiest way to change the appearance – use of hair-dye. If the result of coloring does not delight, there is question how to remove paint from hair. There is a lot of ways, some of them allow to make it and in house conditions.

Before washing away paint on hair, it is worth thinking of the safest ways. Absolutely harmless option use for these purposes of oil is considered. Oil is useful for hair – it revitalizes roots, adds gloss, does hair stronger and strong.

For this purpose olive oil (1 glass) and margarine or pork fat (30 grams) will be required. All ingredients need to be placed on frying pan and to heat that the homogenous mixture has turned out. When drawing on hair mix should not burn head skin, but at the same time has to be smeared well.

Oil mix is applied evenly on all hair by means of brush then on the head the polyethylene hat puts on (approximately for 45 minutes). Upon termination of the procedure to wash hair with shampoo several times.

Kefir can be used too if it is necessary to remove paint from hair in house conditions. Kefir is useful to roots of hair – it restores and strengthens them and also heals microcracks on head skin. Kefir will help those who want to clarify the head of hear a little. The recipe is simple: kefir (1 liter) needs to be mixed with olive oil (1 tablespoon) and table salt (1 tablespoon). If desired olive oil can be replaced with sunflower. It is good to mix everything. To apply the received weight only on dry hair. To keep about half an hour under polyethylene hat. Then carefully to wash the head with shampoo. In day it is possible to carry out the procedure two times, not more often.

Will help to remove paint from hair also usual baking soda. This way concerns the safest too. The main thing is to observe compounding. For removal of paint it is necessary to take baking soda (5 tablespoons) and warm water (1 liter). To carefully wet this solution hair. To keep mask under polyethylene film about 20-30 minutes then to wash away warm water. It is possible to carry out the procedure in a row two times. Soda promotes growth of hair thanks to improvement of blood supply about bulbs. It is impossible to use soda on too brittle hair, at very dry head skin and plentiful dandruff. In other cases the recipe has no contraindications. It is possible to use a bit different soda option. The following ingredients will be required: slightly warm water (1 glass), soda (10 tablespoons). To carefully stir soda in water then to add salt (one teaspoon). Solution is applied on all length of lock. It is necessary to hold about forty minutes. That solution did not flow down, it is better to take away hair in several bunches. Upon termination of the procedure to wash hair with warm water.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team