How to grow up to suite

How to grow up to suite

Shine – artificially removed hybrid of pomelo and grapefruit which has appeared in Israel in 1984. It is considered that to suite is version or the same fruit, as oroblanco - the hybrid of pomelo and grapefruit which is earlier removed in the USA - though externally they differ. In house conditions the suite can try to grow up from seeds.

  • - stones to suite;
  • - sphagnum;
  • - humus;
  • - bank sand;
  • - sheet earth;
  • - cespitose earth;
  • - drainage;
  • - wood charcoal;
  • - peat;
  • - complex mineral fertilizer.

1. For prorashchivaniye select the largest stones to suite, wash out them in water of room temperature, take out from water and dry during polusutok.

2. Prepare container for prorashchivaniye of seeds. For this purpose take small plastic or glass capacity. Put any material which is well absorbing moisture half-centimeter layer on container bottom. Quite the moss sphagnum which is often used for prorashchivaniye of seeds will approach. You can use gauze or vatu. On this layer put the dried stones. From above cover with the same layer of moss, cotton wool or gauze. Both layers have to be well moistened with water.

3. The container with seeds should be held at temperature from twenty five to thirty degrees. Every day check humidity of top layer of material in which you couch to suite. As soon as the top layer begins to dry up, water it. In two weeks the seeds will begin to sprout.

4. For suite soil mix in which grow up citrus in house conditions will approach. Fill three-centimetric layer of drainage on bottom of clay pot with a diameter about fifteen centimeters in upper part. As drainage use mix of pebble or haydite with wood charcoal. Some plant breeders advise on drainage to put centimetric layer of peat or moss.

5. Over this layer fill soil mix from one part of humus, one part of the washed-out bank sand, one part sheet and three parts of the cespitose earth.

6. Plant germinated stones to suite in well moistened soil mix on depth of two-three centimeters.

7. Shine in the summer, as well as other subtropical plants recommend to take out for fresh air, in garden or on balcony. Water to suite in process of drying of the earth in pot. After watering it is recommended to mulch the soil layer of dry peat. Best of all rain water is suitable for watering, but it is possible to use the tap water which has settled within a day.

8. From November to February it is desirable to keep plant in the dry room with temperature about ten degrees. In the conditions of the apartment with long-distance heating you should spray regularly shine with water of room temperature.

9. The Suite should feed up complex mineral fertilizer for houseplants in the summer two times a month, and in the winter – once in two months.

10. Once in two-three years plant is replaced together with earth lump in pot which diameter is several centimeters more than diameter of the previous pot. It is the best of all to make change in the spring. Before placing plant in new pot, from the lower part of lump accurately delete drainage. After change to suite water and spray.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team