As make spirits

As make spirits

Once perfume was exclusive creation and cost very much. The rich and noblemen were only able to afford spirits very much. There is no deficiency toilet water today, but to find original aroma not easy. Besides such product not to everyone on pocket. There is a solution – to learn how to make spirits independently, and to prepare perfume from the pleasant ingredients. Besides financial benefit this way is good the fact that similar spirits will not cause allergy, everyone knows that it is contraindicated to it.

It is required to you

  • - alcohol;
  • - jojoba oil;
  • - essential oil patchouli;
  • - essential oil of rose;
  • - essential oil of geranium;
  • - essential oil of ylang-ylang;
  • - essential oil of lavender;
  • - vanilla extract;
  • - glass capacity for mixing;
  • - glass bottle for maturing of spirits.


  1. The traditional recipe for spirits is based on mixing of extracts of spices, herbs, flowers, etc. For firmness fixer, generally musk is added. Of course, to make difficult chemical formula and to independently extract essences from plants or wood very difficult. But there is simplified option.
  2. Those who do not know how to make spirits independently will be struck to what it is simple. Preparation of perfume will require essential oils which are pleasant to you, and the bearing substance – alcohol or vegetable oil jojoba. The second substance is preferable to people with allergy and contact dermatitis. Though the aroma on spirit basis can be caused on head of hear which jojoba oil will just pollute. Generally, decide that it is more preferable to you.
  3. To make the spirits more difficult, many-sided and resistant, it is necessary to consider that in aroma there have to be three notes – initial or top of perfume, average or heart note and also final, it basic, fund or the main note. By approximate calculations at spirits there has to be 1 part initial, 2 middle parts and 3 parts of final note. The first sounds right at the beginning and quickly gives way to the central note. But main note which can remain on skin several days finishes composition, completely opening perfume.
  4. The perfume top can consist of several notes too. For example, vanilla and patchouli are very well combined. To understand whether such bouquet is pleasant to you, drip both oils on different strips of paper. Then bring them to nose. If you remained are satisfied with result, drip identical quantity of drops of that and another in glass capacity. Or use them separately. Write down ingredients in notebook.
  5. Time to add heart note has come. If you have taken patchouli as basis, know that the rose and geranium very well approaches this oil. These components can be taken separately or to mix in the equal proportions twice exceeding quantity of initial note. Strictly fix the steps. Write down not only how many what you have added, but also what firm there was oil.
  6. The basic note crowns bouquet. To patchouli and rose the Sicilian orange, will be ideal for ylang-ylang and patchouli – bergamot. It is possible to dilute with lavender and vanilla too sharp compositions.
  7. Finishes recipe for spirits the bearing substance. For a start add the amount of alcohol or jojoba oil equal to total number of drops of essential oils. It will be the concentrated spirits which you will be able to dilute at any time. For creation of light toilet water it is necessary that concentration of aromatic components was 5%, for spirits – 25%.
  8. Ripening of perfume requires at least 2 weeks if it is prepared on jojoba oil, and month if as the bearing substance alcohol acts.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team