Baroque in hairstyles

Baroque in hairstyles

It is easy to distinguish era of baroque on thirst for luxury and eccentricity. Its blossoming drops to government in France of the king Louis XIV famous for the love for fine. In France all fashionable traditions arose already in those days. The attributes of baroque have quickly dispersed across the whole Europe, as it is not strange - people wanted beauty and holiday and that else will be able to create so the solemn atmosphere and majestic images if not magnificent dresses, wigs, fans and other accessories. Era has affected also trends of hairstyles.

Hairstyles of this era are so difficult that ladies had to use special wire frames. The most popular hairstyle of baroque is considered ""fontanzh"". The hairstyle has very fascinating history - on legends Angelique de Roussil-Fontange, the very young favourite Ludovika was her creator. During royal hunting she has noticed that from her hairstyle several locks were beaten out. Then, that hair did not disturb it, it had to tie up their scrap lace. The king has estimated, and next day, from easy hand of the young favourite many ladies have at court appeared with such hairstyle.

At first fontanzh was low, but over time it was replaced by new trend - so-called ""tower"" with height to half a meter. For this hairstyle of the young lady twisted curls and stacked them to ""floors"" (each floor even had the name), and several curls left carelessly falling down on shoulder. However, such hairstyle was luxury as on its creation a lot of time and supportive applications was required, hair needed to be fixed and flavored well - therefore not all were able to afford ""tower"".

At this time there is one more stylish bagatelle which is also called fontanzhy - the starched cap consisting of several tiers. With its help it became easier to construct hairstyles - it was worth distributing hair on tiers and to fix. Hairstyles of era of baroque differ not only splendor and refinement, they are also extraordinary womanly, and the femininity never gets out of fashion.

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