Beautiful and healthy nails: secrets and councils

Beautiful and healthy nails: secrets and councils

To each woman the appearance of her hands and nails is quite important, it is reflection her. Absolutely ugly looks and even not well-groomed condition of your nails is evident. And in order that legs were always in healthy and beautiful view, it is necessary to know several secrets and to adhere to specific councils.

Usually all problems with nails consist in food as the healthy condition of nail plate requires the daily use of nutrients. If they will be not enough, then nails will begin to exfoliate and break therefore it is very important that in your diet there were products in which a lot of calcium, biotin, silicon and sulfur contains. And also, except food, all these substances necessary for health of your nails are present at special medical varnishes which can be found in any drugstore.

The main secretion of beautiful and well-groomed nails are the truly chosen manicure devices. All nozhnichka and tweezers have to be always only sharp, otherwise you will not delete hangnails or cuticles, and to tear off them, and then skin around nail and nails will be red and inflamed. And in certain cases it can even bring pain. As for nail file, it needs to be got made of glass because it is the most careful material in relation to your weakened nail plates.

If you have noticed that your nails have got yellowish shade, then you should not worry because of it. In that case it is just enough to make several bleaching masks on the basis of lemon juice, and your nails will become former color again. For holding this procedure of bleaching it is necessary to moisten cotton pad in lemon juice and to wipe the surface of nails.

You apply on hands and on nails special feeding and firming creams. And also nails several times a week need to take salt bath. For this purpose take sea salt, add it to warm water and take tips finger there for 20 minutes. In such a way you strengthen the nails, and they will not break.

Try to give to the nails at least 10 minutes a day, and then they will please you with the beautiful, well-groomed and healthy view.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team