Beautiful hairstyles for girls

Beautiful hairstyles for girls

Hairstyles are so important for girls, as well as well-groomed and tidy appearance of the person or clothes. This hair should not be done every day and therefore the young princess can spend for herself much less time. It will allow to distribute free time on other interesting occupations and games.

It is required to you

  • - hairpins,
  • - hairbrush,
  • - brush,
  • - scissors,
  • - curling iron.


  1. Hairstyle for girls with very short hair without hair parting. Humidify and lay locks thin hairbrush. Wait, will not dry up naturally yet. Comb brush.
  2. Hairstyle for girls with parting in the middle. After division of hair into hair parting fix from each party 2-3 hairpins at different height. Comb each curl separately.
  3. Make hair parting at the left. On the left side twirl locks up and fix by two hairpins, on the right - down and record three hairpins.
  4. Do hair to the girl on long hair, cut exactly scissors. Make hair parting on the right and leave small - in one lock - bang. At the left twirl three locks up and fix at one level, on the right – down and too at one level. Remove hairpins when hair dry out, in a couple of hours. Comb so that hair have laid down monolitno.
  5. Long hair can be combed from forehead towards nape without hair parting. Tighten up side locks in vertical curls and fix. Twirl tail in two vertical curls.
  6. On long hair twirl on one lock from both parties from the face. Cut small lock at hair parting and twirl vertically.
  7. To cut the locks framing face slightly well than other hair. Wrap tail leather thong, bow or thin braid from part of hair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team