How to paint locks of hair

How to paint locks of hair

Painting of hair in house conditions will not make big work if you adhere to the instruction stated in the summary to paint and our simple, but useful tips. In house conditions it is recommended to make hair-dyeing in tone or with difference on 1-2 tones. If you cardinally want to change color, from the brunette to turn into the blonde, then it is better to make such procedure in salon.

It is required to you

  • hair-dye, gloves, towel, capacity for mixing (only not metal), brush for putting paint, clips for hair, balm conditioner.


  1. The first step when painting locks hairof consists in paint selection. Houses attentively study the instruction for use of paint. When using for the first time, it is desirable to carry out the test for allergic reaction of organism. For this purpose apply small amount of paint on wrist and wait some time. If skin has not reddened, it is possible to start the main procedure.
  2. At first it is necessary to grease forehead and temples with any fat cream that accidentally got drops of paint have not soiled skin. Only do not hook cream on hair, otherwise paint will lay down unevenly. To put on glove hands, usually they go in set to paint. To stir paint in special small capacity, strictly adhering to the description.
  3. Hair before painting are not washed. Separate dry lock (begin usually with the top) and apply with brush paint. If painting of hair this tone is made for the first time, then locks begin to paint from roots and go to the tips. If you already used this tone, and you need to tint the grown roots, then, naturally, paint is applied on some roots. And then through certain time combs hair to tips of hair. If at you is long hair, then each lock, with the paint applied on it, it is better to pin up special clip or usual hairpin.
  4. Various paints have different time of impact on hair. All this is specified in the instruction. Depending on structure of hair and desirable effect, paint is kept on the head from 20 to 40 minutes. After time of coloring it is necessary to moisten slightly hair and to massage them hands for the best effect of fixing of paint. Wash away paint under warm stream, before full decolorization of stekayemy water.
  5. After coloring it is necessary to apply balm conditioner on hair. It promotes maintaining structure of hair and recovers color, does locks by more brilliant

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