Bergamot in medicine and cosmetology

Bergamot in medicine and cosmetology

bergamot is among citrus plants. Fruits of bergamot remind oranges. The most known scope of exotic citrus is the cookery, however content of huge amount of vitamins and nutrients, has led to active use of bergamot in medicine and also cosmetology.


  1. Since ancient times useful properties of bergamot have been revealed. The essential oil made of fruits, leaves and inflorescences of this plant used for the weakening massages, relaxing baths and ate as useful additive.
  2. Essential oil of bergamot - ideal ingredient for the procedure of aromatherapy. The pleasant aroma well influences nervous system, calms mentality and reduces stress. For this reason experts recommend to use tea from bergamot that who is inclined to irritation, has hot temper or is exposed to constant stressful situations.
  3. Oil of bergamot is and remedy. It is applied to healing of wounds, scratches, grazes and bruises. This substance is eaten for treatment of diseases of respiratory and digestive system and also for elimination of symptoms of cold.
  4. Cosmetology - one more area of application of oil of bergamot. It is proved that thanks to complex of nutritious elements, means is capable to smooth small wrinkles, to tone up skin, giving it smoothness, elasticity and healthy appearance. The bergamot helps to get rid of irritations on skin - rashes, pimples and even herpes.
  5. Very important point which has to remember everyone - essential oil of bergamot differs in high concentration therefore, it is necessary to use it for any purposes only in the diluted look. Otherwise instead of positive effect, on skin burns can develop.

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