Care for problem skin of the person. Mechanical cleaning: contraindications and effects

Care for problem skin of the person. Mechanical cleaning: contraindications and effects

One of effective care methods for problem skin of the person is mechanical cleaning. It yields visible and resistant result almost right after its carrying out.

There is set of ways of face cleaning from eels and pimples, but no modern device will be able to replace the master's hand in case really there are old problems with skin. Unfortunately, other methods cope only with small defects, on feelings they are less painful, but the good visible result can achieve only mechanically.


Before using this procedure, it is necessary to know possible contraindications to its carrying out. These are, first of all, visible suppurations on face, damages, inflammations and wounds. It is also necessary to refrain from mechanical clarification to owners of couperosis (the reticulum from veins translucent through skin), pregnant women (because of the raised hormonal background), the patient with bronchial asthma and hypertension. Such cleaning by that whose skin is sensitive and inclined to dryness is undesirable.

It is not necessary to subject the person to mechanical influence without the visible reasons. At small imperfections it is possible to manage by more sparing methods.

The effect mechanical chistkieffekt the procedure, mainly, depends on the one who does it also from conditions of its carrying out. Of course, it is possible to purge independently, but nobody guarantees that after its carrying out there will be no ugly trace left, nothing will inflame and skin will be equal. Therefore it is better to entrust the person to the good professional, previously having learned about it from other clients. Having armed with good recommendations, it is possible to go safely to the cosmetologist.

It is important to understand that such manipulation needs to be trusted only the cosmetologist with education of the dermatologist.

The expert uses professional tools and quality cosmetics for face peel. Besides, he does the procedure by sterile hands, in well lit room and under magnifying glass. The cosmetologist knows anatomic arrangement of comedones and pimples therefore at their expression there will be no trace left and scars. First of all, face skin will be cleaned from pollution, then steamed out, processed lotion and only after that will start directly expression of heat-spots and eels. Only the doctor knows with what force and in what direction it is necessary to press that there were no deplorable consequences (cones, suppurations, scars, etc.). Besides, it becomes special round rake after which there is no trace left, in difference from fingers. After mechanical clarification, skin is disinfected once again. Then, actions can be coordinated with the client, depending on its type of skin and inquiries. For example, it is possible to continue the procedure darsonvaly or the healing mask. At first, after face peel, skin will be strongly inflamed and behind it the special leaving which is in detail registered by the cosmetologist will be necessary. It is important point to achieve good result. But the result is worth it: in 3-5 days the person will become clean and equal. It will really be updated and some time will remain it.

It is necessary to remember that you should not carry out face peel to the spring and summer period because sensitive skin can inflame or burn down in the sun.

Each 3-4 months it is necessary to repeat mechanical face peel.

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