Chemical decolorization of undesirable hair

Chemical decolorization of undesirable hair

Decolorization of hair by means of chemical means – convenient way to disguise undesirable vegetation. But it is recommended to use it in case fine hair and rather rare.

Chemical decolorization of hair is carried out by means of the special mixes prepared independently or bought in drugstore. These structures apply on those areas of body where growth of hair is undesirable. After application of these means they become thin, fragile, over time the hair bulb collapses and the desirable effect is reached.

If hair thin and rare, for their decolorization it is possible to use 3% hydrogen peroxide. It daily process undesirable vegetation on face, legs, in armpits or bikini. At the first signs of irritation of skin of the procedure of decolorization stop.

Those at whom skin is insensitive to hydrogen peroxide influence manage to achieve or noticeable poredeniye and thinning of hair, or their total disappearance for some time. It is noticed that after chemical decolorization by hydrogen peroxide, some of hair bulbs in 2-3 months "wake up" again and repetition of procedures is required.

For decolorization of thin hairs instead of peroxide of hydrogen it is possible to use lemon juice. Will put liquid means much more conveniently if to add to them thickener. For example, soap, cream, cosmetic milk.

For chemical decolorization of hair it is possible to prepare such structure: Peroxide of hydrogen to mix 3% with shaving foam, to add 2-3 drops of liquid ammonia. The received mix needs to be applied daily on sites with undesirable vegetation and to leave there for 10-15 minutes. Then the structure is carefully washed away and apply nutritious cream to skin. The first results of such decolorization will be noticeable after 4-5 procedures: hairs will become more faded. If to continue processing, in 1-1.5 months they will become thinner, many will begin to crack at the basis. To achieve the noticeable poredeniye of hair caused by destruction of their bulbs not less than half a year is required.

For chemical decolorization of undesirable hair use also more radical structures, for example on basis pergidrolya (so call 30%rastvor hydrogen peroxides).

There is effective ointment destroying structure of hair. It can be made with own hand, but it is better to order in drugstore. The following ingredients will be necessary: 0.5 g of monoacetylaniline, 10 g of lanolin, 20 g of vaseline and 6 g of 30% of peroxide of hydrogen. If to use the ointment received in the course of mixing of these ingredients also long time is regular, hairs at first will thin, then will disappear. Any means including hydrogen peroxide is prepared in ceramic or glass capacity, mixed wooden or plastic shovel (spoon). The structure is applied thick layer to clean skin. It is necessary to watch that the decolouring mix has covered each hair. Faster effect can achieve if to dry the mix applied to skin by means of the hair dryer or other source of heat (also sunshine will approach). If there was burning or any other discomfort, the active structure is carefully washed away warm water.

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