Cinnamon against cellulitis. We learn to do curative wrappings

Cinnamon against cellulitis. We learn to do curative wrappings

The seductive, spicy aroma of cinnamon does baking of more appetizing, inducing to eat excess piece which can be reflected in figure afterwards. So why not to use ancient wisdom about treatment of similar to similar? Cinnamon possesses the pronounced warming action and well influences exchange processes. Wrappings with application of this spice effectively eliminate manifestations of cellulitis.

Curative wrappings – the second in effectiveness method of disposal of "orange-peel". And if it is possible to conduct course of anti-cellulite massage only 2 times a year, then wrappings have no contraindications for long use. Besides, it is easy to carry out the procedure in house conditions.

The most widespread scheme of carrying out wrappings: 15 procedures every other day, then week of break it is also possible to repeat course.

Both spice powder, and essential oil of cinnamon is suitable for external application. East spice strengthens blood circulation in fabrics, promotes splitting of fat and actively brings toxins out of organism, stimulating outflow of lymph.

Microelements and essential oil as a part of cinnamon are capable not only to save from cellulitis, but also to raise tone of muscles, to give to skin elasticity, elasticity.

Before the procedure of wrapping surely make peeling of problem sites that useful components quicker and more deeply got in skin. If desired it is possible to make spicy body scrub. Take handful of sea salt without fragrances and add to it 5 drops of essential oil of cinnamon. Pound moist skin mix before easy reddening and wash away warm water. Srub option for dry skin: 2 tablespoons of coffee thick, 1 teaspoon of powder of cinnamon, half-glass of sour cream to mix in homogeneous mass. To apply structure to skin and to mass within 5 minutes.

At easy stage of cellulitis apply oil structure to wrapping. Take 5 tablespoons of olive oil as base and add 10 drops of ether of cinnamon. Warm up mix on water bath up to the comfortable temperature and brush or sponge apply to skin. Roll up the processed parts of the body food wrap, from above put on the fitting dense trousers and you lay down under blanket for 40 minutes. Upon termination of the procedure take warm shower and grease skin with cream from cellulitis. Hot wrapping can be quite painful, but it is very effective, especially in fight against cellulitis 3 degrees. Mix chili powder, powder of cinnamon and almond oil in equal proportions. On average one wrapping requires about 3 tablespoons of each ingredient. Warm up mix on couple, put on rubber gloves, apply structure on problem places and close them film. Take cover plaid and relax for 30 minutes. If you feel strong burning, wash away mask immediately, otherwise there can be burns.

Before putting mix for wrapping carry out the test for allergic reaction of skin. Apply a little mix on bend of elbow and observe feelings. If skin has reddened or itches, refuse the procedure.

Wrapping on the basis of cosmetic clay will make anti-cellulite impact with the tightening effect. Mix packing of blue or white clay with 3 tablespoons of ground cinnamon and dilute with hot water to consistence of dense sour cream. Apply warm weight to skin and densely wind with food wrap. Put on anti-cellulite shorts or trousers, lay down under warm blanket for 50 minutes. Wash away curative clay in soul and apply nutritious body lotion to skin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team