Confidential rules of beautiful and healthy nails

Confidential rules of beautiful and healthy nails

Applying several simple rules, you will achieve that your nails will please you with the beauty and health. There is no need for superfashionable and expensive cosmetics or special procedures. Beautiful nails can be had already now! Study the effective principles of beautiful nails and enjoy them daily, and not just on holidays.

1.    Daily use brush for nails. Here it is not cleaning of nails from dirt, and it is rather in prevention. When we brush, we delete dead cells, we stimulate microcirculation and we refresh tone of skin. Thanks to regular cleaning of nails, need to often do manicure disappears. If you have no special brush for this occupation, use toothbrush which get especially for this procedure.

2.    Under color nail varnish always put soil. Especially when you use red, pink and very dark enamels for nails. Thus, you prevent emergence of spots on plate, and nails will receive additional protection. As primer it is possible to use professional base, colourless nail varnish or special balm.

3.    After bathing wipe nail and cuticle with slightly damp towel. With its help you remove sodden layer of cuticle which still pliable and easily is removed. Only you remember that it is necessary to rub towel in the direction of growth of cuticle.

4.    Once a week use means for softening of cuticle. The professional medicine for softening of cuticle used during the procedure for manicure also perfectly will be suitable for systematic care for it. In house conditions once a week is enough to apply thin film of medicine on skin orange stick. That means was well absorbed, at the time of the procedure be engaged in reading or viewing the movie. Cosmetic will soften leather and will discover it young, more damp layers that will visually make your hands more well-groomed.

5.    Never you saw nails after bathing. Nails, as well as skin, absorb moisture. At influence with water the nail plate bulks up because of what when cutting the structure of nail will be stratified. When you begin to straighten marigold in the raw, sawdust of file will be hammered into microscopic cracks of nail plate and will prevent nail to return in the normal structure when water to evaporate.

6.    Use the corresponding files which suit your nails. Surely use the polisher. He will close scales of nail and will prevent emergence of split ends of nail. Not only the size of grain, but also its quality is important. Choose files with round grains, mineral, glass, teflon.

7.    Try not to carry too long nails. At long nails often there are injuries. They can lead not only to removal of nail, pains, breaks, but also to injuries under nail plate which can affect quality of the growing nail.

Following these simple rules − the principles, you will cease to hesitate of appearance of the handles and will be able to brag with pride of marigold to the girlfriends.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team