Depilation in house conditions

Depilation in house conditions

of certain parts of the body is very relevant presently, even in ancient Egypt was considered that the body without hair, is sign of beauty. All women want to be beautiful and well-groomed. There are many ways of removal of hair, even in house conditions.

Popular ways of depilation

Presently there are many options of depilation, but as statistics has shown, most of women approve only the razor. But there is big minus in such depilation - this procedure is not really effective as during each removal of hair, they grow quicker and it will be necessary to do this procedure nearly every day.

Electric depilators are very popular too as removal of hair with them is painless, and skin smooth and shining about a month.

Still there are special hair removal creams, but it is necessary to be with them more carefully and correctly to select them. Cream approaches not all-type skin as the irritation can appear.

Still there is way of removal of hair - it is hot wax of different types. Skin after it smooth and silky about 2-3 months.

Folk remedies of depilation

There is also huge number of ways of depilation by folk remedies, but it is not really widespread as it is completely not checked.

Any depilation is extremely important, it is necessary to be attentive before doing any of the listed ways, it is necessary to check the skin for sensitivity, allergichnost, fat content, dryness and so on.

There is still way of removal of hair checked by women - it is depilation by sugar. This way has come to us from Ancient Egypt as the legend says, the queen Cleopatra used it. Depilation by sugar in house conditions is simple: special mix, the procedure same is prepared, as well as wax, differs only in putting mix. At sugar depilation the removal of hair happens in the direction of growth of hair.

What option would not be, the result will be one - smooth skin and smart legs!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team