Eucalyptus oil: structure, medicinal properties, application

Eucalyptus oil: structure, medicinal properties, application

essential oils are famous for the curative properties and ability to influence body and mentality of the person. One of the strongest and at the same time available at the price - essential oil of eucalyptus.

Eucalyptus - the evergreen tree growing in tropics and subtropics of which salutary properties the people knew long since. It is applied and today to treatment of diseases and healing of wounds, to removal of fatigue and in many other purposes. Essential oil of eucalyptus represents colourless liquid or slightly otkrashenny in yellow. It has characteristic resinous and tart smell. From one ton of raw materials (young leaves and escapes) by hydrodistillation produce 3-5 kg of essential oil.

Oil of eucalyptus contains 60-80% of terpene of cineol, than and its therapeutic effect is caused. In total about 40 components, including organic acids, flavonoids, tannins, aldehydes are part.

Eucalyptus oil has set of useful properties: antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, healing, febrifugal, soothing, antiparasitic. It promotes concentration of attention, fast recovering from stresses, increase in mental abilities, working capacity and cheerfulness. It can be sprayed in air for disinfecting, scaring away of insects, favorable impact on psychological state of the person. It is possible to mix 1-2 drops of oil with base vegetable oil for drawing on skin - for removal of headache, elimination of heat and fever, for grinding of area of neck and breast at catarrhal diseases, for grindings at rheumatism and articulate pains, for massage. At cold recommend to sprinkle pillow oil.

At catarrhal and acute respiratory diseases oil can be applied to inhalations, to drip in the aromalamp, to add to bathtub.

When drawing on skin of oil of eucalyptus there can sometimes be feeling of burning and easy reddening for several minutes - it is normal. However there are cases of individual intolerance when it is necessary to refuse use of oil. It is not necessary to use it also at pregnancy and for children up to two years. At tonsillitis and other problems with throat the rinsing of throat by oil solution is applied to disinfection, removal of inflammation and pain. In certain cases, on doctor's orders, intake of oil of eucalyptus inside is allowed. It, for example, is useful at diabetes since effectively reduces sugar in blood. Essential oil is used as cosmetic for skin care (especially fat and inclined to inflammations) - it is added to base vegetable oil or to cream. Addition of oil in shampoos or hair balms helps to strengthen hair and to leave dandruff. It can also be used for bleaching of pigmental spots, normalization of sebaceous glands.

For faster healing of wounds, ulcers, frostbites and burns do compresses with eucalyptus oil. It is effective also against herpes, furuncles and acne.

In gynecology oil is applied to treatment of inflammations in uterus and appendages, treatments of endometritises; in urology - for treatment of ureteritis and cystitis. To men it helps to cope with prostatitis.

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