How to dry up gel without lamp

How to dry up gel without lamp

you have decided to increase to yourself beautiful nails, you for certain will face problem of material selection: gel or acrylic. Depending on your decision, drying of initial material will be made differently.


  1. If you give preference to gel, it is necessary to remember that there are two views – gels, photosensitive and insensitive to light. Dry up photosensitive gel only in ultra-violet lamp. Mechanism of influence of ultraviolet is as follows: the substance initiator which is contained in gel under the influence of ultraviolet begins to become active. There is process stsepleniyamolekul gel, and, as a result, material hardening.
  2. Pay attention that gels of one producer need to be dried up by means of UF-lamps of the same producer as at lack of power of radiation the nails can become sticky, and at surplus – fragile.
  3. If you have allergy to ultraviolet, then such way of drying to you will not approach. In any case, it is necessary to carry out the test to know about possible reaction. If the allergy was shown, use the gel hardening without light influence.
  4. Gels, insensitive to light, harden under the influence of the activating substance. They represent dense and viscous monomer cyanoacrylate. That gel has hardened, brush apply with thin layer the catalyst (rather small drop) on all surface of nail. It can be sprayed if it in the form of spray, or evenly to distribute, squeezing out from tube.
  5. There are among all variety gels hardening in usual water. Using such gel for modeling, you will need only to lower hands in cool water for 5-7 minutes. Dry nails and put covering. Whatever way of building you have chosen, the skilled master will create the real masterpiece on your hands to which all who surround you will admire.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team