How to be always attractive

How to be always attractive

features and perfect figure of the girl are merit of parents, but the appeal and charm are always reached it by own efforts and attitudes. To some of us this understanding comes intuitively, others should think over in what the appeal secret consists a little.


  1. The first secret of appeal – your health. Always care for it and keep the physical shape in good condition: do not forget about morning exercises and physical exercises, be in the fresh air more often and you go on foot, play sports.
  2. You watch the weight – extra kilos do not add appeal. But it is not necessary to limit itself to diets. In reasonable quantities it is possible to eat everything, here only give preference to vegetables and fruit which will hold normal metabolism. However, "be not obsessed" with problem of the weight. More often only you think of it, people around estimate you absolutely by other criteria.
  3. Follow known to you since the childhood hygienic rules, be tidy and accurate. Take shower, you brush teeth after meal, find the spirits suitable for you. Purity and freshness of your body and hair will make you younger. As it should be always there have to be also nails.
  4. Do not forget that clothes – too means of your self-expression. Reconsider the clothes more often and experiment, look for your own style. Always it is possible to emphasize with successfully picked up dress the advantages and in many respects to hide shortcomings. If your clothes are boring and uninteresting – will think also of you.
  5. It is necessary to watch novelties of fashion and fashion trends, but after all be mistress of the situation - it is impossible that the fashion has replaced to you reason.
  6. Try to control the voice. It has to be soft and quiet, but not persistent, aggressive and shrill.
  7. Your kind and open smile will reflect light of your soul and will not leave people around indifferent.
  8. Being near people, take part in communication with them. The one who sits aside and just watches the events, sometimes makes impression of the boring person. Support conversation, listen it is interested, do not criticize yourself and people around.
  9. You have to feel the appeal. That people looked to you following with admiration, it is necessary to feel it in himself. Yours self-confidence and cheerfulness will surely be transferred to people!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team