How to bring itself into tone

How to bring itself into tone

long winter, hard work, chronic fatigue - all this leads to loss of internal tone. Again to feel vigorously and vigorously, it is necessary to change habitual way of life.


  1. First of all it is necessary to give itself the chance to get enough sleep fully. Devote it the next days off - switch-off the alarm clock and phone that you were not disturbed. Doctors not for nothing say that the dream is the best medicine. Increase time of everyday dream at least for hour - your organism will apprehend it with gratitude.
  2. Try to be more in the fresh air. The shortage of oxygen provokes increased fatigue, reduces immunity. As often as possible air the room in which you are.
  3. Pay attention to food. Include in diet more digestible protein (for example, it contains in fish), nuts and greens. Drink fresh juices and eat less sweet. Consult with the doctor concerning vitamin medicines which will help you to return tone to tired organism quickly.
  4. In order that body. If there is opportunity, then it is worth registering to the pool or in fitness. Strongly you are tired at work - you descend on yoga, it not only will help to find body tone, but also will promote normalization of psychological state. Even ordinary gymnastics in the mornings or evening walks with children or dog will allow you to improve health.
  5. If you feel constant fatigue - see doctor. Under chronic fatigue various diseases can mask.
  6. Avoid gloomy flowers. Put gray blouse and dark blue coat aside. Put on only juicy and bright - such color combinations raise spirit, oppose themselves to depression and help to feel easily and easy.
  7. Do not forget about good mood! Try to smile and communicate more with cheerful people - optimism is always infectious. Go to the cinema or on exhibition, go on shish kebabs or in backpacking - positive emotions will help you to feel in tone again!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team