How to choose cream for oily skin of the person

How to choose cream for oily skin of the person

Oily skin of the person has much more chances for many years to look young, on it wrinkles develop later. It is undoubted plus. However excessive release of skin fat provokes formation of inflammations, acne, acne rash, comedones and to that similar troubles. It is minus, and very serious. Relying on this property of oily skin – hyperactivity of sebaceous glands – it is also necessary to select the cream suitable for it.

What is meant by "oily skin"?

Oily skin – the phenomenon widespread as in the adolescence because of hormonal changes in organism of teenagers, and among girls and women of later age. Simple sign of oily skin – it begins to shine in a couple of hours after washing if not to powder it. Also oily skin abounds with black dots - comedones.

Even stronger not to "anger" oily skin on gnoynichka and "black dots", it is necessary to try not to aggravate its already high fat content, and ideally – to try to reduce it.

The plentiful zhirootdeleniye hammers time from within – time. Besides actively adsorbs dirt and hazardous substances from the outside - two. Everything together it provokes active reproduction of microorganisms and emergence. From here we draw simple conclusion: such creams which will not provoke bigger strengthening of activity of sebaceous glands are required for oily skin and will not clog up pores from the outside. Ideally also antiseptic effect and so-called oil-control, that is sebaceous secretion regulation is required.

So what creams approach under these conditions? How it is necessary to choose the good looking after cosmetics for oily skin? On the basis of names of brands? More likely, here it is much more important to pay attention to ingredients as a part of creams.

What has to be composition of cream

If to be more precisely, then at selection of cream for oily skin of the person on the basis of studying its structure it is necessary to pay attention to two essentially important things. First, safety of structure. What does it mean?

As a part of oily skin cream there should not be komedogenny elements, and here presence of regulators of skin sebaceous secretion will be very opportunely.

Today the vast majority of producers of cosmetics add to it so-called komedogenny substances which provoke appearance of pimples because of obstruction of skin pores. And, it can be as natural botanical oils – coconut, grape seeds, shi, etc., - and chemicals – the silicones which are repeatedly scolded by beauty-bloggers like dimetikon. In the same number of "inveterate" zabivatel of time – mineral oils, cheap hyaluronic acid, lanolin with all its derivatives and all known emolenta. The last – nothing but derivatives of fatty acids. Secondly, the important principle of selection of quality cream for oily skin – availability in its composition of the substance controlling zhirootdeleniye. It can be as natural (juice of lime, bergamot or lemon, extract of thanaka or its powder, etc. often use), and synthetic substances. From the last well help biodekstrol, bisabolol, etc.

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