How to cut mohawk

How to cut mohawk

People with non-standard views prefer unusual, apparently, and in usual things. For example, in hairstyle. The mohawk, once popular only among punks, has found admirers and outside this subculture therefore many ask question as after all to cut it.


  1. Decide on type of future mohawk. They are divided into various categories, proceeding from width, height and location. The mohawk located on the center of the head from 2 to 4 fingers wide is considered the most widespread.
  2. Wet a few hair. Use for this purpose spray with water. Moist hair give in better to work as are more obedient. Also it is simpler to comb, separate them from each other and to measure length.
  3. Exactly separate hair, having allocated thereby on the head strip of necessary width. Try to make it as it is possible more exactly and more symmetrically if you are going to cut classical mohawk. Pin up hair which will form the hairstyle basis, by means of hairpins that they were not stirred at vybrivaniye. Width of future mohawk is chosen depending on length of hair. At long hair it is recommended to do strip wider – at the expense of it the mohawk will put more simply. If hair short, then mohawk it is possible to do narrower.
  4. Now be engaged in the hair located in temporal part and on nape. Accurately shave them by means of the machine for hairstyle or cut off scissors. At the same time if long, then on temples and nape several millimeters are recommended to leave hair. Thus the mohawk will look more effectively. If hair short, then everything is better, not concerning mohawk, to shave "under zero". For this purpose on closing stage use the safety razor.
  5. The mohawk can be lying or standing. The first option does not demand special care and long laying. To put mohawk, use varnish of strong fixing. Wet a few hair and put them. Splash varnish and immediately dry up phenom, repeat this procedure on each site of mohawk. By means of hands and hairbrush try to obtain desirable laying. At the same time various variations are possible, for example, the mohawk can be absolutely equal, and can look paling of thorns – everything depends on imagination and desire.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team