How to do beautiful hair on long hair

How to do beautiful hair on long hair

Hairstyles on beautiful long hair delight people around and cause envy in owners of short hair. Thick and beautiful long hair is indicator of health. Many men are enraptured with long hair therefore all women try to add to hair beautiful gloss and density.


  1. Having long hair, it is possible to do set of various hair, having completely given to the imagination. Very beautifully on long hair the braid fish tail looks.
  2. Technology of weaving of braid fish tail (or cone): - carefully hair comb hair, it is possible to wet slightly water that hair were not confused; - we divide hair into two locks; - we bind side locks, for this purpose we take the right lock and we connect it to the main left; - we hold with the right hand the left lock, the left hand we take lock and we connect it to right; - we take the right lock and we connect it to left.
  3. According to this scheme we do plait up to the end and it is necessary to watch that locks were identical thickness. Very beautifully such hairstyle with very thin locks looks.
  4. On the top of the head allocate part of hair in the form of triangle, and tie the remained hair in hard bunch. Fix bunch, using elastic band and two invisible beings.
  5. Divide hair from bunch into three identical parts, then divide each lock into four equal parts and braid braid from 4 locks. At you three braids have to turn out.
  6. The remained top of the head hair braid slanting fish tail (or cone). Extend several locks from braid, having made it a little inaccurate, then put it in half and fix on the head.
  7. Pull together braids from tail with accordion and fix by hairpins, tie braids in one bunch.
  8. Do hair of a little magnificent and fix by varnish.
  9. Pile on long hair: you allocate part of hair on parietal part of the head, and to tie other hair in tail. It is obligatory before doing hair hair it is necessary to extend the iron. To comb hair up to the desirable volume and to stack each lock in tail. To record the received pile varnish for strong fixing.
  10. Easy and beautiful hairstyle: extend hair the iron, then slightly tighten up tips. Tie hair sideways in tail, allocate one curl and tie it around elastic band, having fixed by the invisible being. In the tail comb hair and fix by invisible beings. Record hairstyle varnish for strong fixing. Such hairstyle is easy performed by and is ideal for graduation party.
  11. Hairstyle on long hair Beautiful waves: apply skin on slightly moist hair to give volume. Make parting at the side. Dry up hair and wind them on thermohair curlers. Lay bang big round bang. Accurately divide hair into locks and record them varnish.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team