How to do mask for hair of black bread

How to do mask for hair of black bread

The grain mask for hair is one of the oldest masks which is known to people for a long time. Rye bread is rich with group B vitamins, necessary for normal growth and health of hair. It promotes food of roots of hair, improvement of their structure, careful clarification and saturation by their color.

Several councils for preparation of grain masks

In house conditions will be suitable for production of grain masks as pulp of black, and white loaf. However rye bread - more nutritious is also more often applied for the purpose of preparation of care products for hair. To make grain mask, at first fill in bread pulp with boiled water. Then, depending on what hair at you and what solutions of problem you wish to achieve, add other components.

For example, if you are owner of oily hair, it is possible to add lemon juice to mask if splitting - burdock or castor oil.

You will reach the greatest effect of application of masks if you fill in bread not with water, but infusion of herbs of plantain, marjoram, camomile, nettle, sage. Rub grain masks in head skin, and then wrap up hair with film and towel. Maintain mask on hair within 1 hour, and then wash away warm water and let's hair dry independently.

House masks from black bread for hair

To prepare mask for normal hair, it is required to you:

- 100 grams of black bread; - 2 tablespoons of small cut green onions; - 0.5 glasses of water. Fill in black bread with boiled water and cover. In 5-10 minutes stir sodden bread before formation of kashitseobrazny consistence. Pound green onions and mix it with bread. Rub the received weight in hair, wind the head with polyethylene film, and from above - towel or scarf. In 1.5 hours wash away mask warm water.

To get rid of onions smell after application of this mask, rinse hair with water with addition of small amount of lemon juice.

For preparation of mask for the dry and injured hair, carefully mix pulp of rye bread, 2 tablespoons of sugar, 1 teaspoon of dry yeast, 1 liter of warm water. Apply mask on hair. Wash away large amount of warm water in 30-50 minutes. Perfectly stimulates growth of hair the following mask: on small grater rub the fresh and cleaned ginger root, then mix 2 tablespoons of the received gruel with black bread and fill in all this with slightly warmed up serum. Leave structure for 1 hour then filter and the received gruel apply on hair. You hold within 30-60 minutes, then wash away warm water. To prepare mask for the hair inclined to fat content, fill in 200 grams of black bread with boiled water and as soon as grain gruel a little cools down, add to it 1 crushed garlic glove and 1 shaken-up egg. Apply ready mask to head skin. Wash away in 20 minutes.

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