How to do the correct make-up

How to do the correct make-up

It is no secret, that practically all defects of appearance of the woman can be eliminated and corrected by means of the correct make-up. Professional makeup artists do pictures of beauty from quite themselves ordinary and even ordinary-looking entertainment stars and cinema. Each woman who knows secrets how to correct natural shortcomings can make Vasilisa Prekrasnuyu of herself and to emphasize advantages by means of decorative cosmetics.


  1. Skin. Equal, pure leather – that basis, on which you as the true artist, you will create the work – the fine image. In order that skin was smooth, use liquid foundation which apply to well cleaned, moisturized skin. Liquid foundation is put on face and neck by means of damp sponge. At first apply it on nose and from it gradually level tone on all person before full absorption.
  2. Correction of shortcomings of skin. If skin is not faultless, use concealers and proofreaders, they will take imperceptible detours under eyes, heat-spots and small wrinkles. After correction of shortcomings, fix basis by means of powder which will make skin naturally opaque.
  3. Eyebrows. Take away excess hairs, using tweezers or tweezers. Give them the correct form by means of pencil for eyebrows with special brush.
  4. Eyes. To allocate eyes and to emphasize their color, use shadows. Remember that shadows of light tones allocate and visually increase, and dark - shade and reduce. Give to eyes the necessary form by means of pencil for century or eyeliners. Finish make-up of eyes putting ink. You apply it evenly, trying that eyelashes did not stick together among themselves, it does make-up untidy.
  5. Lips. Give the form to lips by means of planimetric pencil. It has to be in tone to color of lips or that lipstick which you are going to apply. The pencil is put from the center of lips to corners, as well as lipstick. In order that it kept longer, before its drawing slightly powder lips. The seducement and volume will add to lips the gloss caused instead of lipstick or over it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team