How to get rid of freckles from the face

How to get rid of freckles from the face

Long since freckled girls are considered as symbol of cheerfulness, spring mood and fun. Some owners of freckles rejoice to the natural gift, but more often girls want to get rid of freckles, especially, if they are located not only on face, but also on other parts of body – shoulders, breast and back. As freckles appear mainly because of influence of the first sunshine during spring season and keep to the first cold weather, you have to carry out certain measures for their prevention if you want to get rid of freckles.


1. Before exit on the street grease open areas of skin with strong sun-protection cream barrier, previously having washed solution of strong tea.

2. To bleach already available freckles, use juice of wild strawberry, guelder-rose, radish, raspberry, quince and blackcurrant. Also bleaching effect juice of calendula, parsley and lemon, juice from sauerkraut and birch sap has.

3. If every day in the morning and to wash mix of water and lemon juice in the evening, you easily clarify unwanted freckles.

4. Wring out juice of the quince grated and wipe with this juice face. You cook wild strawberry before emergence of dense syrup and also you apply it on freckles after cooling.

5. Do lotions and compresses of guelder-rose broth and also put before going to bed on face peel from melon. It is possible to use for bleaching and melon pulp – boil it and put broth on face in the form of compresses.

6. Moisten cotton tampon in juice of fresh grapefruit and wipe freckled skin in the morning and in the evening.

7. The means, most widespread in the people, for bleaching of freckles is the lemon. Mix lemon juice, water and vinegar in equal proportions. Wipe face in the morning and in the evening with the received mix. Also impose on freckles mask from lemon slices for 10 minutes, previously having greased skin with the protective moisturizing cream.

8. If face skin not dry, it can be wiped with fresh onions juice or cut of usual bulb. Having wiped face, grease it with sour cream, and then wash away everything water.

9. Clean 2 carrots and small rub. Wring out juice, add couple of drops of citric acid and wipe face with the turned-out structure.

10. The cucumber has the good bleaching effect. Put on face mask from cucumber slices and also wipe skin with cucumber juice.

11. Also you can prepare parsley decoction, having filled in bunch is fresher than some greens in liter of boiled water and drawing it 3 hours. Filter broth and wipe face every day in the morning and in the evening. Having mixed tablespoon of leaves of parsley and tablespoon of honey, you receive the effective bleaching mask against freckles.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team