How to get rid of ants at the dacha

How to get rid of ants at the dacha

Ants generally are considered as useful insects. But when they settle on kitchen garden, there is nothing good in it. These forest toilers are capable to do big harm to cultural plants. Black ants infect fruit-trees of plant louses, gnaw round lobes and buds of flowers, destroy seedling and seeds, eat up sweet root crops. Therefore destruction of ants on the site – one of priorities in the list of pest control.

So, if you have found on the kitchen garden or in garden the ant slot, it is necessary to take complex actions. Prepare that fight against ants will be long. For a start quite deeply dig over ant hill. Then add ashes, mustard powder or lime to the earth and again dig over. Most likely, so you will manage to banish ants from the site – alas, only from specific, local. For certain these insects will move slightly further and will continue the activity on your kitchen garden.

Of course, it is possible to use insecticides in fight against ants – to display medicines like "Anteater" near ant slots or trees on which those breed plant louse, to fill up poison to the earth. However such way can be dangerous to useful insects and birds. Therefore nevertheless it is better to get rid from muravyevdrugy methods.

It is possible to destroy ants in kitchen garden only consecutive fight against them. Look for new ant hills and process them solution of ashes, baking soda, boric acid with granulated sugar, broth of tops of vegetable of tomatoes. Dig over the soil, add to it the sulfur mixed with marjoram. Water paths on which ants, vegetable oil move.

Surprisingly, but normal millet or semolina can frighten off ants. Scatter grain on the ant slot, and insects will leave. Why it occurs, it is unknown, but the way works. Only it is necessary to take care that semolina or millet were pecked by birds. For this purpose it is possible to cover them with mowed grass.

Methods with use of various baits are also quite effective. It is possible to part yeast (that the consistence of sour cream has turned out) in water, to add jam or honey, to apply mix on cardboard or polyethylene and to decompose on kitchen garden. Ants will eat bait and will die.

While it is not possible to remove ants from the site, it is necessary to take care of trees. They very strongly suffer from plant louse which sweet allocations ants eat. Buy special adhesive tapes, paste on trunks and thus block to ants the road to leaves where they put plant louse. It is possible to envelop still trees and bushes short skirt from foil, having left the sharp side acting from trunk.

And still ants do not take out smell of garlic, lavender, melissa, fennel, mint, cilantro. Seat as much as possible these plants on all site, thus you at least will be able partially to protect beds from ants.

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