How to get rid of pigmental spots on spin

How to get rid of pigmental spots on spin

Pigmental spots on body, hands and face can arise at pregnancy. Also they can appear owing to aging of skin or at young people owing to violation of hormonal background, after acne rash, solar burns. Some skin diseases look as pigmental spots. It is possible to get rid of them house means if only change of skin color is not consequence of disease.

It is required to you

  • - the bleaching means;
  • - juice of lemon or grapefruit;
  • - kefir;
  • - gauze;
  • - juice of berries of guelder-rose.


1. Completely prolonged and systematic use of the bleaching means will help to get rid of pigmental spots. Before the similar procedures surely consult with the dermatologist as there are contraindications to removal of pigmental spots.

2. In the morning and grease back with kefir or yogurt in the evening. Directly in spot it is possible to rub juice of lemon or grapefruit.

3. Pigmental spots can be greased with the gruel prepared from 1 tablespoon of the mustard powder divorced warm water. On the greased site put rag of gauze and record it, having wound with towel or scarf. In case of burning, at once take cool shower and be wiped dry by terry towel.

4. Fold the gauze moistened in fresh juice from guelder-rose berries double. Lay down on stomach and put it on back. Stay in such provision of 10 minutes. At the end of the procedure take cool shower.

5. Small cut parsley greens. In half-glass of boiled water add two tablespoons of the cut greens. Let's juice infuse 60 minutes. Filter through gauze. Mix the received juice and a half glass of milk. Wipe with the received infusion back in the morning and in the evening.

6. Part one tablespoon not of dry fresh yeast with solution of 3% peroxide of hydrogen (in case of oily skin) or water of room temperature (in case of dry skin) to consistence of sour cream. Lying on stomach, apply the received paste on back with cosmetic brush. As soon as paste dries, wash away it, having taken cool shower.

7. Prevention of pigmental spots - Reduce consumption of coffee. - If you smoke, then get rid of this addiction or reduce quantity of the smoked cigarettes. Smoking worsens complexion. - Being in the sun, use sun-protection means. - Saturate the diet with vitamins C and SS. - Use of the cosmetic bleaching medicines leads to skin drying therefore apply them very carefully.

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