How to get rid of spots under eyes

How to get rid of spots under eyes

Spots or shadows under the eyes appear for various reasons. Their emergence can provoke heredity, they can become result of chronic diseases or just consequence of fatigue. It is necessary to get rid of spots, being guided by the reasons of their emergence.


1. If the heredity is the reason of emergence of dark circles under eyes, to hardly turn out to move away them. At some people blue blood flows on vessels slowly, its pigment appears through skin. But today there is set of the cosmetic medicines allowing to disguise well spots. Consult to the cosmetologist and use such means.

2. Skin around eyes very thin, dark circles are capable to arise because of insufficient blood circulation. Therefore, care of good blood supply will lead to the fact that circles under eyes will disappear. You sleep more, leave off smoking, try to spend on air more time, put on more warmly. Accept vitamin C, eat more citrus, raspberry, dogrose – all these products strengthen walls of vessels.

3. Dark circles under eyes at allergic persons can appear as reaction to cosmetics. In this case it is necessary to refuse low-quality cosmetics, having replaced them with ink or pencil as a part of which there are no hazardous substances.

4. The modern cosmetology offers wide choice of the special creams and gels saving or preventing emergence of dark stains under eyes today. In such cream active krovosnabzhayushchy additives which help to refresh skin color enter.

5. At heart failure or disease of kidneys it is possible to remove dark stains under eyes, being engaged in treatment of the main disease.

6. Pigmentation of skin under eyes can be consequence of long stay in the sun. Do not forget to wear sunglasses in sunny weather and also try to spend under direct sunshine as little as possible time that skin under and over eyes has not grown old prematurely, then it is not necessary to be engaged in its treatment.

7. At the people abusing alcohol, skin including around eyes, quickly darkens. It is clear, that such addiction cannot but do much harm to your organism.

8. Loss of weight can also strongly influence emergence of circles around eyes. It is necessary to grow thin gradually, trying not to allow sharp dumping of weight, otherwise under eyes dark stains will appear.

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