How to look after hair during the autumn period

How to look after hair during the autumn period

Change of weather often affects not only health and the state of health of organism in general, but also health of hair. They are most of all subject to tests. During change of seasons it is necessary to think of protection of the hair against external influence of such factors as the sun, hard water, dust.

Quite often happens that unruly hair continually drops out, splits, grows dull, is shorter – look awfully. You should not be upset, all these problems can be fixed.

First of all it is necessary to visit the hairdresser and to ask to cut couple of centimeters of hair. It is necessary to remove split ends and to give more tidy look to hair. There is mass of councils for improvement of condition of hair of the house, it is not obligatory to go to expensive beauty shops. The first that needs to be made – it is correct to wash hair.

Council No. 1. Not to buy complex means, such as 2 in 1. To use separately shampoo and balm, it is desirable one brand.

Council No. 2. Glance in the fridge, most likely there it is possible to find the mass of the products useful to growth and health of hair. For example, all favourite egg yolk. To wash the head yolk, at first it needs to be separated from protein, to shake up and add slightly water or 50 ml of vodka. To rub this mix in head skin and it is good to wash away warm water.

Some wash the head with dairy drink – curdled milk. Here everything easy and simply: you apply curdled milk on hair, you tie them scarf or towel, you wait for 10 minutes, then you wash the head with water of room temperature, shampoo does not need to be applied.

It is good to rinse hair broths of herbs: camomile (if fair hair), nettle or tea (if hair dark).

Council No. 3. To drink vitamins. In drugstores abundance of funds which are allocated for maintenance of health of hair. They are on sale in the form of vitamin complexes. 

Council No. 4. To feed and humidify head of hear. To do masks for hair, masks with oils, honey, aloe are especially good.

Совет№5. The phenom is more rare to dry hair and to straighten them the iron.

Council No. 6. Massaging of head skin. Combing by wooden brush will help head skin to relax, kill headache and also to activate blood circulation. 

Following simple rules on hair care, there is opportunity to become the hostess of magnificent locks and at the same time not to spend huge money for services of salons.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team